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Five Tips for Faster Clean-Up After Your Next Painting Project

paint-trayHome painting projects can give new life to tired interior décor and can create a fresh new look for every room of your house. By choosing complementary shades and colors, you can achieve an exciting interior design plan that suits your lifestyle and your aesthetic preferences perfectly. Managing the clean-up process after the job is done, however, can be significantly less exciting than the initial transformation process. Here are five expert tips and tricks designed to help you clean up plastic paint trays and brushes more quickly after your home improvement project.

Look for a Silver Lining

Many interior design specialists recommend lining your plastic paint trays with aluminum foil before filling them with paint and beginning the application process. This can prevent paint from sticking to trays and can allow you simply to lift and toss the lining after your project is done. For decorating schemes that require more than one color, using a tinfoil lining can allow more rapid paint changes and can ensure faster completion of your project.

Stick to Latex and Acrylic

Oil-based paints can damage plastic paint trays and should generally be avoided for most painting applications. Sticking with acrylic and latex paints can ensure that plastic trays stay pristine and ready for use time after time. Allowing these paints to dry completely in the plastic tray can result in faster cleaning. In most cases, the layer of dried paint can simply be peeled off and discarded, leaving the plastic paint tray ready for further use. If any remnants of latex or acrylic paint remain on the tray, they can usually be removed quickly and easily with a small amount of dish soap and a few swipes with a scrub sponge.

Dispose of the Evidence

Disposable paint trays are a low-cost way to streamline clean-up for your remodeling and home improvement activities. Although these trays are less sturdy and durable than their non-disposable counterparts, they cost less and require no storage or cleaning after use; instead, you can simply toss these inexpensive paint trays in the trash after your painting project is complete. By investing a small amount in these disposable items, you can save a considerable amount of time and effort during your clean-up efforts.

Choose the Right Tools

Double-well paint trays are ideal for edging and trim painting projects. One well can be used to hold paint, and the other can serve as a convenient resting spot for the brush when it is not in use. This can reduce the likelihood of paint spatters and unexpected spills. Plastic paint roller trays, drip mats and other tools can protect your flooring and furniture while ensuring faster clean-up for you and your family.

Repurpose Plastic Products

Pet place mats can sometimes be used as a substitute for paint mats and can catch any errant drips or spills. After use, the paint spots can be scrubbed away or scraped off to restore the mat to its former pristine condition. Clear plant saucers can be used to blend two or more paint colors and to provide convenient containers for smaller amounts of paint. Smaller saucers are ideal for younger members of the family work crew and can allow them to participate in the painting process more effectively. Be sure to choose appropriately sized brushes for these small containers to minimize the risk of accidental spills and other mishaps.

By incorporating these five strategies into your next home redecorating project, you can enjoy added convenience and reduced paint clean-up time. Choosing complementary colors and integrating a common theme throughout your home can help you achieve the most striking results and can ensure the success of your ongoing painting, remodeling and renovation efforts.

Enhancing Everyday Consistency and Convenience with Pet Place Mats

HR-1218CThe right place mat can provide added protection for hardwood floors, carpeting and tile when feeding your household pets. Pet place mats are available in a wide range of styles, materials and patterns to complement your décor and to provide dogs, cats and other pets with a comfortable and consistent feeding area inside your home. The right pet place mats can provide a number of benefits for pet owners, including the following:

• Cleaner and more controlled feeding areas for pets
• Improved health and hygiene
• Reduced risk of slip-and-fall accidents in pet feeding areas
• A more consistent approach to food and water presentation for improved behavior before, during and after the meal
• Stylish additions to your home’s décor

By choosing an appropriately sized and configured place mat, you can create a pleasant and instantly recognizable spot for feeding your dog, cat or other household pet. These affordable accessories can also provide increased comfort for your animals after a move or home remodeling project.

Keeping Your Home Clean

Pet place mats can keep your carpeting, linoleum, tile or hardwood floors clear of food debris and spilled water during meal times. These items are designed to stay in place and to catch any debris or food particles during your pet’s meal times. By making pet place mats a regular part of the feeding process, you can reduce cleaning chores and ensure that your valuable flooring stays intact and unspoiled by wet and dry pet food and water and that any spillage is confined to the area of the mat. Absorbent place mats composed of plastic and fabric materials often feature a waterproof backing to provide even greater protection for kitchens, living rooms and dens.

Improved Hygiene for Pet Areas

Place mats can be easily removed and cleaned between meal times to provide a fresh, odor-free area that reduces health risks for you and your pets. Some place mats can be sanitized in your dishwasher or washing machine; others may require hand washing to ensure the cleanest and most hygienic environment inside your home.

Reduced Risk of Falls and Slips

Pet food debris and spilled water on the floor can result in slips, falls and injuries for you and your family. Place mats can reduce this risk and can confine water and food to a small area. Constructed of durable materials, pet place mats can provide added safety and convenience for your pet feeding activities. Although it may be tempting to use cork plant mats as convenient place mats for pet food and water dishes, these items can be attractive targets for chewing or scratching and are best suited for their original intended use.

Improved Training and Control

By using a mat to define the area in which your pets are fed, you can establish consistency and help to set the stage for better behavior at meal times. For homes with multiple pets, separate place mats can define areas assigned to each dog or cat. This can reduce squabbling at mealtimes and can ensure that each pet feels confident in their own space. Confident and well-adjusted pets are less likely to behave aggressively or to demonstrate insecurity, allowing you to enjoy a more harmonious relationship with your beloved animal companions.

A Wide Range of Colors and Configurations

Place mats for pets are available in numerous sizes, shapes and colors to suit your home’s décor and your pet’s requirements. Larger dogs require more food and may need a larger pet place mat to hold water and food. Smaller dogs and cats typically consume less food, allowing you to choose smaller place mats for these animal companions. Choosing place mats in colors and styles that complement your current interior design can ensure a cohesive and integrated look for your home and an attractive appearance for pet feeding areas.

Pet place mats can provide added consistency for dogs and cats and can reduce your clean-up time to a considerable degree. Adding these accessories to your pet feeding routine can ensure a safer, healthier and happier environment for you and your animal friends.

Many manufacturers of plastic pet place mats also offer other useful products for the home, including clear plant saucers, paint trays and hanging basket drip pans. These useful products are inexpensive and help keep your home clean and protect furniture and floors.