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Founded in 1992, Curtis Wagner Plastics specializes in providing high quality wholesale plastic products that stand up to repeated use and are recyclable. All of our products are made in the USA and are the result of in-house design and production efforts by our manufacturing staff. We offer wholesale plastic goods designed for a wide range of industries including lawn and garden, florist supply, agriculture/grower, home improvement, pet supplies and more.

Delivering Product Excellence

Curtis Wagner Plastics is an accepted leader in the plastics industry. We specialize in providing the most advanced and durable plastic products for the wholesale lawn and garden, floral, pet supply and hardware industries. All of our products are designed and made in our manufacturing facility, located in Houston, TX.

Our commitment to quality and innovation in the field of plastics manufacturing sets us apart from the competition and ensures greater customer satisfaction at every phase of the distribution process. We use thicker and sturdier plastic to construct our products, ensuring that they last longer and perform to our customers’ expectations. Click on one of the images above to view the full line of products offered within each category.

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Upcoming Trade Shows


5th – 6th

Wyatt-Quarles Seed Co. Trade Show


5th – 6th

Wyatt-Quarles Seed Co. Trade Show

Brian Kam

Great USA Company, I have carried there products inside my store for nine years. The only problems that I have had is a small amount of communication between us. I am very proud to carry their USA products.  Thank you

J. Andy Givens

CWP covers my orders in a timely manner. I’ve never had problems with the quality of your boxes or liners in the 10 years we’ve done business with them. Even with back orders, I am contacted and informed of the issue before anything is shipped so I can make informed decisions.

Sue Marolt

Very knowledgeable about their products. Extremely pleasant customer service. Will work with them again.

Colleen Russo

This is a company that values community and giving back. We have a great partnership, they go above and beyond!

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