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Wholesale Plastics: Plant Saucers &
Clear Floral Boxes & Cork Mats

Founded in 1992, Curtis Wagner Plastics specializes in providing top-quality wholesale plants saucers and plastic products that stand up to repeated use. All products are made in the USA, and are the result of in house design and production efforts by our manufacturing staff. We offer wholesale plastic goods designed for a wide range of industries: lawn and garden, florist supply, agriculture, food service, home improvements, and pet supplies.

Delivering Floral Excellence

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we offer unique wholesale plant saucers and a wide range of specialty florist items. We also provide the following:

Our clear basket liners provide added protection for tabletops and other surfaces. Additionally, these products preserve the beauty of floral arrangements and plantings. Oval liners are also available to ensure a perfect fit. Corsage boxes serve double duty as on-shelf displays and lovely presentation cases. For instance, clear rose boxes are an outstanding solution for florists who wish to display these beautiful arrangements for customers. Our rose boxes ensure optimal visibility and protection for these delicate floral arrangements. Our heavy-gauge clear saucers with multiple support footings allow air flow to reduce discoloration underneath these protective items. Above all, for florists that wish to maintain a reputation for carrying all products made by USA manufacturers, Curtis Wagner Plastics offers a comprehensive range of items designed specifically to meet these needs.