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Curtis Wagner Plastics Corp. is located in Houston, TX and manufactures a variety of plastic products for lawn & garden, floral, home improvement and pet supply industries.

Curtis Wagner Plastics was founded in 1992 in Houston, Texas by the late Curtis Wagner. A leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of plastic products proudly made in the USA, we deliver in-house design and production of every product sold. Each product we manufacture meets rigorous standards for quality and durability, making Curtis Wagner Plastics a solid choice for companies looking for eco-friendly, made-in-the-USA plastic products.

Who We Are

Our company consists of professionals who are committed to produce the highest quality products in the various product categories we have been leading. From our leadership and top management and administration through our manufacturing and warehouse teams, our employee’s commitment and loyalty are second to none. In fact, many of these hardworking individuals have been employed with us since the founding of our company, finding the work environment at Curtis Wagner Plastics to be inclusive, innovative, and rewarding.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve and sustain market leadership by providing our customers with the best quality plastic product in the lawn and garden, floral and pet spaces, around the US and abroad.

A Legacy of Innovation

The clear vinyl plant saucers that we manufacture were first invented by Curtis Wagner in the mid-1970s. They are now known as the industry standard for quality and excellence. Our in-house design and manufacturing allow us to ensure that we produce only the highest quality plastic products available. Curtis Wagner Plastics has patented many of the products that we manufacture, including:

  • everspring® Hanging Basket Drip Pans
  • everspring® Designer Series Round & Square Heavy Gauge Plant Saucers
  • everspring® Natural Cork Surface Protector Mats
  • everspring® Plant Guards
  • everspring® Clear Vinyl Corsage Boxes
  • Pawzee Plastic Pet Place Mats
  • CWP Paint Trim Trays
  • Full Line of Unique Merchandising Displays

Delivering Added Value

When partnering with Curtis Wagner Plastics, you can expect:

  • High-quality, made-in-the-USA plastics products that outlast those of our competitors
  • Branding on each product to ensure that your customers know that they are purchasing products made in the USA
  • Timely and consistent delivery
  • Heavy trade show presence year-round to help promote products
  • Our commitment to maintaining a long-term relationship

Our track record for on-time, consistent delivery and impeccable customer service is second to none in the industry. We consistently strive to achieve a 100 percent fulfillment rate on our purchase orders. Ultimately, our excellent reputation for responsive and reliable service will allow you to feel confident and at ease when choosing to partner with Curtis Wagner Plastics.

Trade Show Presence

We attend many different tradeshows throughout the United States each year to promote our current products and introduce new ones to potential and current customers. This ensures that we continue to grow and boost each of our product lines while maintaining long-term customer relationships and developing new ones. Click here to view the upcoming trade shows where you can find the Curtis Wagner Plastics booth.

Industries We Serve

Although Curtis Wagner Plastics is perhaps best known for its full line of lawn and garden products, we also manufacture a full line of clear floral boxes and basket liners for the floral supply industry. We are the only major manufacturer of floral boxes in the United States. Additionally, we design and produce products for the pet supply and home improvement industries. Our plastic paint trays make everyday tasks easier and more efficient, while our pet products offer durable, household solutions for pet owners. Best of all, Curtis Wagner Plastics incorporates cutting-edge design into every product we manufacture, ensuring that each product functions to its full capacity.

Who We Work With

Being a manufacturer hence the first link in the ‘supply chain’ we work primarily with wholesale distributors and retail chain stores. This enables us to focus on manufacturing, designing, and marketing our products. To learn more about the criteria requirements for becoming a distributor of our products, go to our Become A Distributor page. Here, you’ll also be able to contact our sales team for additional information to learn how to set up a distributor account with us.

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