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About Curtis Wagner Plastics Corp - Clear Plastic Vinyl Plant Saucers

Clear plastic plant saucer under white plastic planter with green leaf house plant

Curtis Wagner Plastics was founded in 1992 in Houston, Texas. A leading manufacturer and wholesale marketer of plastic products proudly made in the USA, Curtis Wagner Plastics delivers in house design and production of every product we sell. Each of the items manufactured by our company meets exacting standards for quality and durability, making Curtis Wagner Plastics a solid choice for companies looking for eco-friendly products that are MADE IN THE USA.

A Legacy of Innovation

The clear vinyl saucers manufactured by our company were first invented by Curtis Wagner, himself, in the 1970s and are now the industry standard for excellence. Because we design and manufacture every product we sell, we can ensure the highest quality in the plastics industry. Curtis Wagner Plastics holds patents on many of the items we offer for sale, including the following:

  • Cork plant mats in an array of sizes and configurations
  • Exclusive four-hook hanging basket drip pans that provide improved stability over the three-hook pans offered by competing companies
  • Designer plant saucers and plant trays
  • Surface protector mats for use indoors and out
  • Designer square plant saucers

Our design team is constantly developing new ways to improve our products and to ensure the most appealing and attractive solutions in the industry.

Delivering Added Value

For retail chains and wholesale distributors, Curtis Wagner Plastics’ status as an American company can enhance marketing strategies. Firms who want to advertise that they obtain all products they use from American companies can achieve that goal more easily by purchasing their inventory from us. Additionally, our innovative manufacturing processes produce more durable items that can often be reused, making them an eco-friendly choice for consumers and commercial firms alike. Because our products are thicker and sturdier, they typically last longer and provide increased return on the initial financial investment.

Industries We Serve

Although Curtis Wagner Plastics is perhaps best known for its full line of home and garden accessories, we also manufacture clear floral boxes for flower arrangements to include corsages, roses, and cut flowers. Clear basket liners are available for potted plants and custom gift packages. Our company designs and produces cake boards, pet place mats and pet food can lids, clear vinyl saucers, and plastic paint trays to make everyday tasks easier and more efficient. Best of all, Curtis Wagner Plastics incorporates cutting-edge design into every product we sell. Our track record for on-time delivery and customer service is second to none in the industry; we have achieved an impressive 100 percent fill rate on purchase orders and enjoy an excellent reputation for responsive and reliable service among our customers.

Because Curtis Wagner Plastics sells directly to retail chain stores and wholesale manufacturers, we can concentrate on providing the best selection and the highest quality products to our clients. This focus on outstanding value and durability has allowed us to achieve our current position as the leading plastics manufacturer in the United States. Contact us today to learn more about our product lines and about our company. We look forward to hearing from you.