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Holidays Plants To Decorate Your Home or Business

christmas hollyThere’s a lot to love about the holidays. The people, the music, the decorations, the trees, the entire feeling of the holiday season is a great one. Our personal favorite is the plants that come along with the season. Our protective plant saucers & basket liners are useful for these holiday plants that are sure to capture the essence of Christmas time.


When thinking of Christmas plants, holly is definitely at the op of the list. It’s a must for the season & one of the best evergreens to have in your garden.


holiday poinsettias

Another holiday stable that signifies Christmas are the poinsettias. These beauties are available in many different colors like white, green, and marble, but the staple red poinsettia is a holiday tradition.

Christmas Cactus

christmas cactus

In the Southwest & South America, these are gaining popularity! They’re known for their daisy-chained pads & bright flowers. You can ready more about these beauties here.



When thinking of rosemary, the first thing to come to mind would probably be that it is the sort of plant/herb you can put on roasted potatoes, right? While that’s true, it is also considered as a holiday plant! They are usually shaped & modeled to be like mini-Christmas trees & also used as decoration.

There you have it! Grab a couple of our plant saucers & basket liners to decorate your interior & exterior home or commercial building for the winter.


Back-To-School: Painting With Artist Paint Palettes

Bid a farewell to those summer days & say hello to the start of a new year, teachers! Some of you may have a love-hate relationship when it comes down to getting ready for another school year, but we’re here to make your life easier!artist paint palette, paint palette, painting palette, artist palette

“Well, how’s that?”, you ask? We help you add one activity that can be diversified & changed to go along with whatever your lesson plan may be! We’ll let you in on how that is… with artist paint palettes! We’ve got a variety of sizes & shapes for the young artists in your classrooms.

Now these can be used for any age group or grade level, but we are going to focus on how it can help younger children, preferably from Pre-Kindergarten and on to 2nd grade, learn. It is known that young minds learn best by experience & by ‘doing’. Here are some ideas for incorporating painting with our artist paint palettes into your lesson plans:

STEAM Tangram Animals

With this activity, students will learn the differences between geographic shapes. Paint & get creative while also asking thought provoking questions like “Which shapes can you name?” or “What new shapes can you make with the ones you see?”.

Underwater Scene

Teach your kiddos about the different ocean habitats. Mention things like the different animals, plants, colors, and shapes that are involved. After, let their creativity flow by asking them to paint their own ocean, leaving no white space on the page.


This is an exercise that is observation based while also working on their painting skills. It’s up to their own interpretation! This is for sure to be a portrait that will be cherished by their families.

We hope these ideas give you the push to make the move on purchasing our artist paint palettes! Interested in more that we have to offer? Check out our catalog for lawn & garden products & even pet supplies!