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All About Potting Soil for Healthy Plants

Selecting the right potting soil can have a dramatic impact on the health and beauty of your indoor and outdoor plants. Achieving proper drainage with plant saucers is a good first step toward growing healthier plants. Here are some key points to remember when choosing potting soil for your gardening activities.

Potting Soil Is Not Really Soil

Unlike dirt found in your garden and sometimes tracked through your home, potting soil consists of a mixture of peat moss, perlite or vermiculite and composted tree bark. These substances combine to create a fluffy, nutrient-rich environment for plants inside a wide range of containers. In most cases, composted plants, humus and minerals are added to the basic mixture to promote the health of indoor vegetation.

Aeration Is Essential to Plant Growth

Making sure that your potting soil is fluffy rather than dense can help root systems grow and derive nourishment most effectively. Dense or overly wet potting soil can reduce the ability of plants to thrive in the indoor environment. Good potting soil will allow water to drain easily and will typically begin leaking excess fluids within 10 seconds or less. By taking steps to prevent roots from becoming waterlogged by using hanging basket drip pans and vinyl saucers, you can improve growing conditions for your plants indoors and out.

Fertilizer Supplements Are Recommended

Over time, the fertilizer included with your potting soil will be absorbed and consumed. Adding the recommended fertilizer type can recharge the potting soil and provide your plants with the added boost of energy needed to continue to grow and thrive. This can help you enjoy the brightest blooms and the most beautiful foliage for your potted plants.

Structure Is Important for Roots to Grow

Choosing a high-quality potting soil can ensure that plants can take firm root in their new environments. Proper root structures are essential for strong and healthy plants. If you are in doubt, your local plant nursery can often provide you with accurate recommendations to help you choose the best potting soil for strong roots and beautiful plants for your home or office environment.

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