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How Designer Series Plant Saucers Benefit Your Home and Plants

Designer Series Plant Saucers – Curtis Wagner Plastics
Placing your potted plants on the ground can damage or stain flooring and decking. Invest in plant saucers to protect your flooring from plant drainage.


Whether inside or outside, potted plants are a beautiful addition to any space. However, water drainage could damage your flooring or decking, so it’s important to invest in quality, sturdy plant saucers. For the best outcomes, our Designer Series plant saucers can increase the airflow under your plants. This helps reduce moisture buildup and potential damage. Therefore, if you place your potted plants on the ground, choose the right saucers for optimum protection.

Why Use Saucers for Your Plants?

Why are saucers important for horticultural health? Plant saucers provide protection from the water that drains out of your pots. Almost every plant requires drainage to prevent overwatering. Therefore, clear plant saucers act as a barrier to shelter surrounding surfaces. This helps preserve your indoor and outdoor spaces. For example, drainage from potted plants can lead to water damage, deck rot, mold and mildew growth, and even stains on your flooring. Also, pots can “sweat” in the same way that a glass of water might, which can also damage your flooring. So, plant saucers are essential for protecting your belongings.

Additionally, saucers help provide optimal drainage for your plants. They can help prevent root rot and allow your plants to “drink” water when they need it. You can use saucers to collect excess water or even use them to water certain plants for short periods of time, such as during vacations. Therefore, an investment in the right plant saucers set your plants and your home up for success.

How Do Plant Saucers Protect Your Flooring and Deck from Damage?

So, what are carpet saver plant saucers? These saucers are made of heavy gauge plastic and have small feet on the bottom. This allows for airflow underneath the saucer to help dry out moisture and prevent damage. Depending on your preferences, you can get clear plant saucers or colored saucers, and they can be round or square to complement your potted plants. For clear saucers, you can even add decorative rocks that match your décor to provide additional drainage for plants that are particularly susceptible to over-watering and root rot. With the right solutions, you can have healthy, beautiful plants and keep your flooring or decking in great condition.

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