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Clear Corsage Boxes: Protecting and Showing Off Corsages

Clear Corsage Box manufactured by Curtis Wagner Plastics
Clear Corsage Boxes are the perfect home for corsages until an event starts.

Now is a prime time for florists all over the country, with many high schoolers going to prom and right in the middle of wedding season. Corsages are a great tradition that many people still use for events like these. Clear corsage boxes are essential for florists. These plastic boxes not only help protect delicate flowers in corsages from harm and also perfectly showcase your work. 

Clear Corsage Boxes Protect Corsages From Crushing

Clear corsage boxes are necessary for keeping the flowers in good condition for any event, whether a school dance, a wedding, or a graduation. The flowers in a corsage arrangement are incredibly fragile, so florists need a way to help their customers keep them safe until it’s time to wear them. Just imagine the number of calls you would get about crushed or wilted flowers if you had people carry them out with bare hands. It’s essential to have a layer of protection around the corsages you put time and effort into.

Clear plastic boxes offer the ideal protection for floral arrangements. Our plastic floral boxes use heavy-duty grade vinyl plastic and are designed to provide the ultimate protection for corsages, boutonnieres, and other floral products. This helps reduce the risk of accidental crushing or other types of damage. So, make sure you stock up on clear corsage boxes to keep the flowers in good condition. 

Clear Floral Boxes Show Off a Florist’s Work

You might be wondering why to choose clear floral boxes, rather than colored plastic. Another reason to choose clear boxes for corsages is they are a great opportunity to display your work. You can get a good wow moment from customers bringing out their corsage displayed in its clear protective box. 

In fact, many florists even use these clear boxes as an additional way to advertise their shop. As your customers carry their corsages, boutonnieres, and other floral arrangements from your shop, others may take notice. You can even go a step further and place a small sticker on the corsage box or even tie it up with some ribbon that features your floral shop’s name for some added branding.  

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