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Cork Mats & Furniture Protector | Creatives

For many, trying to find a good gift to give a friend or loved one for an event, holiday, or birthday can be nerve-wracking. It can be almost impossible to find a present that perfectly incorporates creativity, thoughtfulness, flexibility, and fun, all while trying to maintain any specific budget you may have set for yourself. Giving gifts can be especially difficult if the person receiving the gifts is a creative. How do you manage to find a gift that they won’t simply create for themselves? Here at Curtis Wagner Plastics, we all believe in the power of creativity. More than that, we believe in giving people the tools they need to create something interesting and fun all on their own.

Cork plant mats are an uncommon idea for a present for a special occasion. But these simple pieces have the potential to unlock a whole world of gift meanings! Ideally, the main use of a cork plant mat is meant for those who have a strong connection to plants and flowers. This gift would be a perfect bulk present for anyone you may know who owns a plant nursery or a flower shop. Buying a present that supplements their business goals is thoughtful and it is smart. It shows the person that you support their business while also alleviating them of the cost of having to purchase it for themselves. But you needn’t limit yourself to people only in the business of plants. Anyone you may know that boasts a impressive collection of plants of flowers in their home will be grateful for the addition to their repertoire.

This gift is also idea for those who love to host guests and dinner parties in their homes. Cork plant mats can easily be substituted for coasters to place drinks under. And for the creative people in your life, cork plant mats are a way to create endless opportunities for arts and crafts of DIY projects. A simple search on Pinterest.com lists tons of exciting and interesting possibilities to create interesting pieces of art using cork plan mats. Some examples include creating moss-covered coasters, or turning your plant cork mat into a personalized mouse pad. You can even create wall hangings! This is a great way to encourage your most creative friends to continue to push the boundaries of what materials they can use.

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