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Cork Plant Mats Protect Tabletops from Plant Damage

Woman setting plant on cork plant mat to protect glass tabletop
Using cork plant mats under your plants helps prevent damage to your tabletops and other surfaces.

If you’re looking for a unique way to protect your delicate tabletops from plant damage, Cork Plant Mats are the perfect solution. Not only do they provide an extra barrier between your plants and surfaces, but they are also an attractive addition to any home. Their neutral color scheme makes them extremely versatile, while their rubberized texture ensures that they don’t slip or slide around on surfaces such as countertops or tables. With so many great features, Cork Plant Mats are one of the best protection solutions for households or offices with indoor plants.

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Cork Plant Mats Are Ideal for Your Indoor Plants

Using Cork Plant Mats when you incorporate plants into your home or office will help you enjoy the many advantages of indoor plants. Plants do more than just add a touch of greenery to your decor. They also bring numerous benefits that can positively impact your overall well-being. Plants improve air quality by absorbing toxins and releasing fresh oxygen into the air. This leads to a healthier indoor environment, especially if you spend a lot of time indoors. Additionally, plants can alleviate stress and boost productivity, making them a valuable addition to any indoor space. Plus, taking care of plants can be a rewarding and satisfying hobby.

Protect Your Tabletops with Cork Plant Mats

Houseplants are a great addition to your home or office space, but it’s important to make sure they don’t cause damage to tables or desks. By using our Cork Plant Mats, you can protect your surfaces from scratches and damage that can be caused by clay pots and planters. What’s more, you can use these plant mats to protect your surfaces from potential damage from an array of additional items. Place them under trophies, vases, glass jars, and any other novelty item you have on display to avoid harming surfaces.

With sizes ranging from 4 inches in diameter up to 16 inches in diameter, you’re sure to find one that best fits your needs. Plus, Cork Plant Mats add a touch of natural, earthy charm to your space. We’ve also recently begun manufacturing Dark Cork Plant Mats that blend nicely with darker surfaces, such as mahogany desks and tables. Since both of these options are produced using sustainable cork, you can feel great about doing your part for the environment while keeping your home stylish and functional.

The Curtis Wagner Plastics Difference

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we use thicker and sturdier plastic to construct our products, ensuring that they last longer and perform to our customers’ expectations. Our team not only produces durable and functional plastic products, but we go the extra mile by concentrating our efforts on creating the most innovative product design.

We design and manufacture all of our products in our manufacturing facility located in Houston, TX, which allows us to ensure quality and functionality of each product produced. Our top-quality, made-in-the-USA products will make a positive impression on your customers and provide added value to any wholesale supply store or retail outlet. Contact us today to discover how our commitment to excellence can make a positive difference in the lives of your customers.