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Cork Plant Mats vs. Plant Saucers for Potted Plants

plants on cork plant mats and plastic plant saucers in room
Cork plant mats and plastic saucers help protect your floors and furniture with potted plants.

Potted plants are a lovely addition to any home. However, without the proper protection they can harm delicate surfaces like flooring and furniture. Potted plants can cause water damage, stains, scratches, and other damage to surfaces in your home. Fortunately, several solutions exist to help protect your home from damage. Cork plant mats and plastic plant saucers are two products that help provide a protective barrier between potted plants and your home’s surfaces. 

Are Cork Plant Mats or Plant Saucers Better for Protecting Surfaces from Potted Plants?

Now, you might be wondering which product is better for your plants and home: cork plant mats or plastic saucers? Both help provide protection against excess water that can damage your home. However, they actually do separate things. For the best protection, we recommend using both saucers and cork mats to create a protective barrier between potted plants and your furniture or floors

What are Cork Plant Mats?

Cork plant mats are like coasters for your potted plants. Cork is a water-resistant material. This makes it great for placing between potted plants and surfaces like floors, tables, and windowsills. In addition, they help provide a non-slip barrier to help prevent scratches from the pot sliding around. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that cork mats primarily help protect against small droplets of water. For instance, if you have a ceramic cachepot that is prone to “sweating” after watering, or if you spill a few drops on the pot while watering. These mats often won’t provide enough protection against excess water that drains out of potted plants. This is where saucers come in. 

What are Plant Saucers?

We mentioned plant mats are kind of like coasters. Well, plant saucers act like a cup for drained water from your potted plants. These small saucers sit underneath pots with drainage holes. When you water your plants, any extra water flows out of the drainage holes. Without a saucer underneath, this excess water would flow right onto your surfaces and potentially cause significant water damage. Saucers are there to catch the extra water so your plants don’t drown from overwatering while still stopping water from damaging your home.

Saucers alone still don’t provide quite the same level of protection as both saucers and plant mats. This is because they aren’t designed to prevent the pot from moving and causing scratches to furniture and floors. Also, while they tend to “sweat” much less than ceramic options, plastic saucers can form condensation in some circumstances. A cork mat can help provide added protection against these issues. 

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