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Correct Sizing of Plant Saucers for Potted Plants

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Choosing the right plant saucers can have a big impact on the health of your houseplants. In some cases, the saucers that come with the decorative pots you buy may be the wrong size. These pots may be designed by people with little or no knowledge of gardening and may not provide adequate water for plants in indoor or outdoor environments.

Matching the Size of the Pot

One good rule of thumb when choosing clear plant saucers for your decorative pots is to measure the diameter of the top of the pot and to choose a saucer that is the same diameter or a little larger. Most plant containers are designed to be wider at the top than they are at the bottom. By selecting a saucer with plenty of room for drainage, you can ensure the health of your plants and can protect them from the damage that overwatering can sometimes cause.

Why Saucer Size Matters

According to gardening experts, your plant saucers should be able to hold exactly the amount of water needed to moisten all the soil in the container. The size of your pot determines the amount of root growth possible for your houseplants. This, in turn, decides how big your plants can grow. Proper drainage is necessary to ensure that roots have enough room and water to expand to fit the pot and to provide structural support for your plants. A large enough saucer is necessary to allow water to drain and to provide added moisture for healthier, happier plants.

Making Room for Growth

All types of plants can eventually outgrow their containers. One of the first warning signs that it is time to repot is the extension of roots through the holes at the bottom of the pot. Careful attention to your plants can allow you to move them to a larger container to ensure that your plants continue to grow and thrive indoors and outside. Upgrading your saucers at the same time that you repot your plants can keep them healthy and can prevent issues with lack of water or inadequate drainage.

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