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Creative Uses for Plant Saucers and Clear Corsage Boxes

Clear Vinyl Plant Saucer Creative Use - Coaster

Clear plant saucers and corsage boxes can be repurposed for a variety of uses, not just for your flowers and greenery. Plant saucers are essential for healthy houseplants, and clear corsage boxes showcase floral arrangements and protect them from damage. However, there are many crafty ways you can use these products as well. Because clear corsage boxes and plant saucers are so cost-effective, you may want to try some of the creative uses below. These artful creations are great trinkets to sell online or give to friends, family, and coworkers.

Repurpose Clear Plant Saucers

While clear plant saucers were designed to prevent water damage from plant drainage, there are several other applications you can use them for. For example, because they shield surfaces from water and are shaped like a shallow cup, these plastic saucers can be great to repurpose as coasters or create a fairy garden in.

Clear Plant Saucers as Coasters

Cork coasters can be difficult to clean, and tile coasters chip and crack easily. Plastic plant saucers, on the other hand, are durable and easy to clean. Therefore, try replacing your grimy or worn coasters with small plant saucers. As a fun project, you can paint or otherwise decorate the saucers to fit your home’s aesthetic.

Fairy Gardens

Making a fairy garden with your friends, your children, or even by yourself can be a great creative outlet. Fairy gardens are miniature gardens that often contain fairy-themed figurines. To create a fairy garden in a plant saucer, arrange soil, small plants, and figurines of your choosing inside. You can play around with the configuration to get all the elements just right. Clear plant saucers can even allow you to show off a bottom layer of decorative rocks or other attractive items.

If you are looking to create a larger fairy garden, hanging basket drip pans may be a better option. Hanging basket drip pans typically come in larger, deeper sizes than clear plant saucers. Additionally, hanging basket liners may come in different shapes to allow you more flexibility for your fairy garden craft. Children and adults alike love building fairy gardens, as it uses both your creativity and your gardening skills.

Alternate Uses for Clear Corsage Boxes

Many people only use corsage boxes during special events like weddings and high school dances. However, these boxes can be repurposed for many other things. For example, clear corsage boxes can be used as mini green houses and as gift boxes.

Mini Greenhouses

Clear corsage boxes are great to use for mini greenhouses. Containers with clear tops can help small plants like herbs grow, so corsage boxes offer the perfect solution. To make a mini greenhouse out of clear corsage boxes, fill the box ¾ of the way full with soil and plant your seeds. Place the corsage box in your home where it will get plenty of natural light. Additionally, make sure to keep the soil moist. From there, your plants should sprout and flourish quickly.

Gift Boxes

With a few decorative additions, clear corsage boxes can also be turned into great gift boxes. For example, you can fill them with candy or cookies and give them out to your co-workers or your children’s teachers. A little bit of ribbon can transform plastic corsage boxes into fun, unique gift boxes. Additionally, you can add other embellishments like stickers, glue-on gems, and other items to jazz up the exterior of your corsage box.

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