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Tips for Road Tripping with Your Dog

Pet Place Mats - Curtis Wagner Plastics
Don’t forget pet place mats to protect car interiors during road trips with your dog.

Road trips with dogs can be a great adventure. However, you will need some extra planning and supplies. For example, you may have to research dog-friendly accommodations and restaurants along your route beforehand. In addition, make sure you have absorbent, water-resistant pet place mats to protect your car’s interior and provide comfort for your dog. There are many other tips when it comes to feeding your dog during a road trip

Bring Food, Pet Place Mats, Bowls, and Water for Your Trip

Long-haul car rides with your furry best friend can throw them off their routine. Therefore, it’s important to make sure they are as comfortable as possible during your trip. Plan on bringing plenty of your dog’s normal food to help offer comfort and routine during your trip. You will also need plenty of water to help keep your dog hydrated and happy. However, there are some other ways you can make your dog comfortable when feeding them on the road

Bringing along their normal bowls and pet place mats can help provide normalcy for your pet. While this may seem like overkill to you, your pet associates these items with comfort and home. Therefore, this may help keep them calm during feeding times. Just make sure the bowls aren’t fragile and that your pet place mats are heavy duty and absorbent to help prevent spills inside your car and in your pet-friendly accommodations. 

Fighting Off Nausea for Dogs on Car Rides

Another thing to consider for taking your dog on a road trip is that dogs are notorious for nausea and motion sickness in the car. Some tips for helping prevent this is to feed your dog three to four hours before you begin the drive, if possible. If you do have to feed your dog while on the road, make sure to take a pit stop. In addition, make sure to bring along the same food they normally eat, as sudden diet changes can cause indigestion. Also, many people don’t realize that different mineral contents in water can also upset your dog’s stomach. Water from different areas may lead to nausea and indigestion, so consider bringing some water from home to help prevent this.

Pet Place Mats and Other Protective Products from Curtis Wagner Plastics

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