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Why Are Dogs Such Messy Drinkers?

Pet Place Mats

Pet place mats are an important accessory for those with beloved four-legged friends. Dogs can be especially messy eaters and can spill almost as much water as they drink in some instances. Understanding why your canine companion might be a messy drinker can help you to prepare for this possibility and to manage your pet food and water containers more effectively.

The Science Behind Dog Drinking Strategies

Researchers at Virginia Tech were able to capture the tongue motions of dogs during the drinking process. According to their findings, dogs use speed and precision to lap up water from their bowls or other sources. By striking the water at high speed with their tongues, dogs actually create a column of water that they can swallow quickly and easily. Smaller dogs achieved tongue speeds of two g-force, which amounts to two times the gravitational acceleration of Earth. Larger dogs were even quicker with speeds of four times g-force, which allows them to drink even more rapidly from bowls, pools and other sources of fresh water.

By striking the water with their tongues and curling their tongues under to form a scoop, dogs generate upward momentum for water that propels it directly into their mouth. This allows them to bite off a small volume of water every time they close their jaws during the drinking process. It makes perfect sense that your pet would occasionally miss their mouth during this complicated process, which has evolved over time as the most practical method for delivering water to their mouths.

Managing the Mess with Pet Place Mats

If your dog sometimes spills water on your floor, pet place mats offer a solid solution for dealing with minor messes. These items are designed to be easy to clean and to provide added protection for your carpeting or other flooring. By preventing water from ending up all over your floor, you will also reduce the risk of falls caused by pet spills. This can ensure that you enjoy the greatest safety and the most comfortable surroundings for you, your family and your four-legged friends.

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