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Why Do Fur Babies Nudge Their Food Bowls Away?

Pet Place Mats

Dogs and cats can be messy eaters. Dogs, in particular, may nose their food out of their bowls before eating it. Pet place mats are a good way to prevent this habit from causing serious issues for carpets and other flooring. Understanding the reasons why your fur babies may nudge their food out of their bowls may help you address this behavior before it gets out of hand. 

Playing With Food

Dogs may play with their food for the same reasons that children do. Moving around the food in their bowl or dumping it onto the floor is entertaining for some dogs. These four-legged companions may also relish the attention they attract by engaging in this activity.

Food Hoarding

Depending on the type of dog and its background, food nudging may be indicative of a desire to store food away for later. Dogs are known for burying bones and other treasured items to save them for later. This is especially common in households with several pets that can all access the same food bowls. The desire to store away food and to protect it from other animals in the house can motivate food nudging and stashing among your pets.

Natural Instincts

The urge to bury excess food may be part of the genetic package for some breeds of dog. In these cases, it may be extremely difficult to eliminate this behavior. Investing in a heavier dog bowl or pet place mats may prevent your pet from scooting the food bowl and creating a mess.

Health Issues

For older dogs, rooting around in the food bowl may be a sign of declining vision. Dogs that only play with their food and don’t eat it may be suffering from health issues that require a prompt vet visit. A sudden loss of appetite is often one of the first signs of illness in dogs and cats. Determining the reasons behind behavioral changes will help your peace of mind regarding the health and well-being of your fur babies.

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