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History of Roses as Gifts for Sweethearts | Clear Floral Boxes

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many people are considering gifting roses to their significant others. Roses have become a traditional symbol of love, but why is this? For starters, this tradition actually dates back to ancient times. Continue reading to learn about the history of roses as gifts for lovers, as well as how to protect your rose bouquet this year with clear floral boxes.

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Why Roses are the Gift of Love

Flowers as gifts date back to ancient times and were featured heavily in Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures. In the Middle Ages, Turkish people created a list of flowers and their symbols, creating a floral “language” that could communicate anything from love to well wishes for sick friends.

In the Victorian era, flowers became a primary way to express emotion, particularly among lovers. The Victorians generally avoided speaking about their feelings but found ways to say things like “I love you” through flowers. Over time, these acts of showing affection through flowers solidified them as the gift of lovers. That tradition has followed us into the modern era, which is why many people give and receive flowers during Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other important dates.

Roses as a symbol of love likely dates back to ancient Greek mythology and Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The story involves finding her lover, Adonis, who was wounded and the mix of her tears and his blood created red roses – a symbol of their undying love. Therefore, it makes sense why we still today give red roses as a symbol of romantic love.

Clear Floral Boxes to Protect Floral Gifts

Rose in clear floral boxes for Valentine's Day.
Keeping roses in clear floral boxes helps protect them for your special someone.

If you’re planning to gift roses or other flowers to your sweetheart this year, clear floral boxes are a must. Our boxes are made of clear, heavy-duty vinyl plastic and enclose the flowers completely. This provides protection for the flowers, prevents them from becoming crushed, and protects them from environments that will wilt or destroy them. This is key for storing and transporting the flowers until they make it into a vase for your loved one to enjoy and appreciate. Choosing clear floral boxes provides protection without hiding the beauty of the flowers from view, so you still get that wow moment.

Our clear floral boxes come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate practically any arrangement this Valentine’s Day. We have boxes that can house a single rose up to a bouquet of a dozen or more flowers. We also offer clear corsage boxes if you’re planning to take your night on the town and want to give them something special to wear throughout the night.

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