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Tips for Keeping Your House Clean and Tidy

Plant in living room with plant saucer as barrier between planter and white fluffy rug

Keeping your home neat and clean is a practical way to ensure greater comfort and to protect the value of your property. Instituting a regular routine that includes cleaning and tidying your home is essential to spot issues and to prevent problems that could cause damage to flooring and other items. Pet place mats, for example, are a good way to prevent water and food from sticking to floors and carpeting. Making your home more pleasant and clean can be achieved with easy, quick tips to follow every day.

Invest in Plant Saucers

If you have potted plants, clear or colored plant saucers are designed to prevent water from draining through the openings at the bottom of these pots and staining or damaging your floors. This simple step prevents damage while helping your home to look its best every day.

Do Laundry First Thing in the Morning

Scheduling a load of laundry early in the morning gives you time to dry these items when you return home in the evening. This prevents laundry from sitting in the washing machine for hours or even days at a time. By making an effort to complete an entire load of laundry on the day you begin it, you enjoy fresher and cleaner clothes and a more organized lifestyle.

Set Aside 15 Minutes Every Day

In just 15 minutes, you and your family can make a big impact on the condition of your home. Picking up trash, putting away laundry, washing dishes and vacuuming floors are all good activities to include in your 15-minute cleaning appointment. Every member of your family does their part to keep your home as clean and tidy as possible on an everyday basis.

Put First Things First

Making a list of the most important tasks to complete is a good way to focus your efforts where they will do the most good. Taking out trash and washing dishes, for instance, are likely to be at the top of your list every day. Other activities may not require daily attention and are necessary on a weekly or monthly basis. By organizing your cleaning and tidying tasks in order of their importance and urgency, you ensure the cleanest home for you and your family.

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