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Caring for Indoor Hanging Plants

Hanging Basket Drip Pans - Curtis Wagner Plastics
Choose the right hanging basket drip pans for your indoor hanging plants.

Indoor hanging plants are a great way to decorate your home without taking up a lot of floor space. With proper care and the right hanging basket drip pans, your indoor plants can beautify your home. 

Watering Hanging Plants with Hanging Basket Drip Pans

Watering your plants is one of the most important things to remember for keeping your plants alive, whether indoor or outdoor, potted or hanging. Some of the plants that look best in hanging baskets also need a lot of water, like Boston ferns, pitcher plants, and chenille plants. So, keep in mind that you’re probably going to be watering your plants quite a lot. 

Watering your hanging plants can quickly get messy and leave stains on your floors and furniture. We recommend investing in hanging basket drip pans for all your hanging plants to help protect your home from drainage. 

It’s also important to remember that shallow drip pans can make it harder to prevent spills and messes. Drainage can quickly overflow and you could end up with muddy water all over your home. Instead, opt for deeper drip pans to allow plenty of space for drainage after watering your hanging plants. 

Can You Water without Hanging Basket Drip Pans?

What if you don’t have drip pans for your plants? If this is the case, you do have some other options, but they’re often less convenient and can still put your home at risk for water damage. 

Drainage is important for plant health, so all your hanging pots should have drainage holes. This allows unneeded water to drain out and also helps flush salts out of the soil that can damage your plants. 

If you don’t have hanging basket drip pans, then you’ll probably need to take your plants outside for watering. Once outside, you can water as normal. However, you’ll need to keep your plant outside for a while to allow the water to drain properly. Even after replacing it on its hook, there’s a chance that some water may still drain out onto your floors. So, between moving the heavy plant inside and outside every time you water and also the risk of additional drainage, many people believe drip pans are worth the investment.

Reducing the Weight of Your Hanging Plants

Another common issue people have is managing the weight of their hanging plants. Hanging plants can be quite heavy, sometimes too heavy for the hooks you want to place them on. If this is the case, you can replace some of the soil with perlite, which is a lighter type of soil. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that perlite can increase drainage. Therefore, you may have to water more often and hanging basket drip pans become even more important if you do this. 

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