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Healthy Plants, Happy Home: Indoor Houseplants That Are Hard To Kill

plants on cork plant mats and plastic plant saucers in room

A green thumb can be a real advantage when adding plants to your home décor. For those of us with less than stellar horticultural ability, finding house plants that look great and are hard to kill is necessary. Plant saucers will provide added protection for furnishings and flooring, which can provide you with greater peace of mind about your belongings. Choosing the right plants will typically allow you to enhance the appearance of your home without the serious challenge of keeping plants alive. There are a few recommended houseplant options for those of us without the fabled green thumb.

Aloe Vera

Known primarily for its healing properties, aloe vera is a succulent that requires little water and will survive beautifully on a regimen of benign neglect. These plants will add a dramatic accent to almost any room in your home that offers direct or indirect sunlight. Aloe vera will also provide a convenient first-aid application that is safe and effective for your whole family.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo plants are often grown in water and transplanted to soil when they are large enough to thrive there. Clear plant saucers are an excellent choice to protect furnishings and to showcase this striking houseplant. Lucky bamboo is not technically bamboo but is part of the dracaena family that includes bamboo. Because this plant will tolerate a good deal of underwatering or overwatering, it is an excellent choice for those of us who occasionally forget about houseplants and their needs.

Guiana Chestnut

The braided trunk and glossy leaves of the Guiana chestnut make it a standout for homes and offices. Indirect sunlight is best for this tree-like plant, which can also be shaped into a bonsai by more ambitious owners. If you typically overwater your plants, the Guiana chestnut could be the perfect plant for you.

Peace Lily

Most appropriate in warmer climates, the peace lily features beautiful white flowers that can complement almost any décor. Plant saucers are an ideal solution for catching any excess water left over from watering. No direct sunlight is required for this elegant and eye-catching plant.

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