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Curtis Wagner Plastics Creates Face Shield for COVID-19 Protection

PET Plastic Face Shield by Curtis Wagner Plastics
FACE SHIELDS for Medical Protection

Curtis Wagner Plastics has been looking for a way to GIVE BACK to the community during this crazy, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic we are currently experiencing. With the extreme shortage of protective face masks,  hospital masks and medical face shields, we came up with the idea to cut 9″ x 11″ FACE SHIELDS out of PET plastic. We can cut holes on the top or sides to fit your specific application needs. From medical visors (clear shields) to elastic-attached shields for drive through medical clinics found in just about any city, we can have these delivered to you in no time at all. This is an easy cut for us due to our ability to design a die-cast for easy cutting and reasonable costs. How can we help you?

This coronavirus has proven itself to be extremely contagious via direct contact on hard surfaces as well as airborne molecules inhalation. Coughing and sneezing during testing or simply around family and co-workers, is allowing the virus to spread rapidly across the world and we need to do our part in stopping it in its tracks. Our medical professionals including surgeons and nurses use medical face shields daily in surgical centers, medical facilities, urgent care clinics, free-standing emergency rooms and even dental offices.

PET plastic has a Global Safety Approval

Watch this video on our replacement medical face shield:

Per the PET Resin Association:

PET is approved as safe for contact with foods and beverages by the FDA and health-safety agencies throughout the world. The safety of PET for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical applications has been repeatedly demonstrated through extensive studies, regulatory approvals, testing, and its widespread acceptance for more than 30 years. PET does not contain bisphenol-A (BPA) or phthalates (plasticizers).

Because of PET’s unique properties, it is rapidly becoming the world’s preferred packaging material for foods and beverages. Like glass, it is a very strong and inert material that does not react with foods, is resistant to attack by micro-organisms, and will not biologically degrade. But unlike glass, PET is extremely lightweight, easy and efficient to transport, and shatterproof.

Face Shield for Health ProtectionPET is completely recyclable, and is the most recycled plastic in the U.S and worldwide. More than 1.5 billion pounds of used PET bottles and containers are recovered in the United States each year for recycling. PET can easily be identified by the #1 in the triangular “chasing arrows” code, which is usually found molded into the bottom or side of the container. No other plastic carries the #1 code.

PET can be commercially recycled by thorough washing and re-melting, or by chemically breaking it down to its component materials to make new PET resin. Almost every municipal recycling program in North America and Europe accepts PET containers.

Products commonly made from recycled PET include new PET bottles and jars, carpet, clothing, industrial strapping, rope, automotive parts, fiberfill for winter jackets and sleeping bags, construction materials, and protective packaging.

Let us know how we can help you, your medical facility, your hospital or doctors office, during this critical time of virus-spread. Please reach out to us at 713-937-3784 at any time!

Here’s to staying healthy!

~ Marissa Cobb, Curtis Wagner Plastics