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New Pet Owner? Here’s Why You Need Pet Place Mats

Dog eating from bowls on Deluxe Pet Place Mats from Curtis Wagner Plastics
Pet Place Mats help protect your floors from food and water spills.

If you’re a new pet owner, you probably have a pretty big shopping list for all of your furry friend’s needs. One thing that every pet owner needs on their list is a Pet Place Mat for feeding times. These are essential for preventing messes from food and water spills.

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Why Add Pet Place Mats to Your New Pet Shopping List

When bringing home a new pet, there are a lot of things you need to consider, including a list of items that you’ll need to shop for. One thing that a lot of new pet owners tend to overlook is the messes that pets regularly create. Pets can often be messy creatures, most particularly during feeding times. Food and water spills happen all the time, which can be frustrating for first-time pet owners. Containing these messes is the ultimate quick fix to this issue. So, what’s the best way to do this?

Pet Place Mats are the perfect solution as they prevent food and water spills that come from both dogs and cats. These mats go underneath the feeding bowls to provide a protective layer between your pet’s food and your floors. When using Pet Place Mats, you’ll get peace of mind that the surfaces in your home are well protected from these types of damages. Thus, making this one less thing to worry about as you start bonding with your new four-legged friend!

Types of Place Mats for Pets

There are many types of Pet Place Mats to choose from to suit both you and your pet’s needs. Our product line includes an array of both plastic and fabric options.

Our Plastic Pet Place Mats feature a raised edge to catch spills and are incredibly easy to clean or hose off. We offer 10 different color options as well as two different sizes. The regular sized mats are 13 inches by 20 inches while our large mats are 14.75 inches by 23 inches.

Additionally, we offer Deluxe Pet Place Mats that are similar to our plastic mats but are lined with an absorbent synthetic fabric. Like our Plastic Pet Place Mats, these mats also feature a raised edge and are available in both regular and large size options. When it comes to color options, these products are available in four different color combinations that easily match your home’s decor.

We also offer Pet Place Mats that are produced entirely of fabric which helps absorb spills and work well for both indoor and outdoor use. These fabric mats come in three different fade resistant colors and a variety of shapes. Choose between bone, oval, or rectangular shaped Pet Place Mats for added personality and customization.

Top Grade Pet Products from Curtis Wagner Plastics

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we manufacture a wide range of products that offer simple solutions for pet owners. Our Pawzee Pet Product line includes Pet Place Mats, Pet Rugs, Litter Trap Mats, and Pet Food Can Covers. View our product catalog for more information on our innovative pet products.

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