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How Paint Can Drip Trays Protect Your Floors When Painting

Painting a home or office is the perfect way to refresh your space. A new coat of paint can customize a room to your needs and make it look brighter. However, it’s no secret that painting walls and trim is messy work. Unfortunately, paint drips can get on your floors and cause permanent damage. The good news is that there are convenient and inexpensive solutions available. Our Paint Can Drip Trays offer a simple way to stop drips from paint cans while you repaint.

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Paint can drip tray under gallon paint can for home painting project
Paint Can Drip Trays are essential for any interior painting project.

What are Paint Can Drip Trays?

Paint Can Drip Trays are part of our home improvement product line, which features a wide range of affordable, heavy-duty plastic products to help make painting projects a breeze. These unique drip trays help stop drips that roll down the sides of paint cans, which can be a serious problem when painting a room.

With Paint Can Drip Trays, you can avoid those drips reaching floors, furniture and other surfaces below. These trays are made of heavy-gauge recycled plastic for durability you can trust. The design features a lip that runs around the entire tray to catch even large drips of paint from the can. Each Paint Can Drip Tray can fit both a quart or gallon size paint can, making them ideal for both small and large projects alike.

What’s more, our Paint Can Drip Trays feature a simple snap-on design, allowing you to easily attach the tray to the bottom of the paint can. When you’re done with your project, you have two options on what to do next. You can choose to throw the tray out while it’s still attached to the paint can, or you can give the tray a quick rinse and store it for future use.

Why You Need Paint Can Drip Trays

Paint Can Drip Trays are ideal for painting projects around the home or in businesses to stop paint drips from damaging and staining surfaces. This is important as paint drips are almost impossible to stop, yet they can be really difficult to remove. In many cases, paint drips leave permanent damage behind.

Paint Drips Are Inevitable

As much as you wish there were a way to prevent paint drips altogether, this is practically impossible. Paint cans are often filled to the brim, meaning most drips happen soon after opening since there’s nowhere else for the paint to go. What’s more, on most occasions you’ll need to do things that will inevitably spill a little bit of paint down the side of the can. For example, mixing the paint, dipping in a paint brush, or pouring paint from the can to a roller tray all have the capability to create spills and messes. Instead of worrying about potential messes, simply attach a Paint Can Drip Tray to help prevent those inevitable drips.

Cleaning Up Paint Drips is Difficult and Sometimes Impossible

Most people go to a lot of trouble to protect floors while painting. Even if you use multiple floor coverings while painting, paint drips still have the ability to find their way onto the floors. For instance, some paint drips onto the drop cloths, which is then stepped in and transferred to other areas of the building as you walk. Additionally, drop cloths can sometimes rip or even allow paint to bleed through the cloth over time.

What this boils down to is that it’s really tough to clean paint off floors. When it comes to cleaning paint off hard floors, this often requires using a putty knife or solvents to remove, both of which can further damage the floor. With carpet, it’s undeniably more difficult and sometimes completely impossible to remove paint. If you do attempt to remove paint stains from carpet, this task often requires using harsh chemicals and manual cleaning methods that can permanently damage the carpet fibers.

All things considered, it’s best to stop drips from reaching floors from the beginning. The best way to protect your floors from paint drips is to cover all the floors with the right kind of drop cloth and use Paint Can Drip Trays for extra protection.

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