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Where Should You Put Your Pet Place Mats and Feeding Bowls?

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Find the perfect place in your home to put your pet place mats and feed your pet.

Where you put your pet place mats and feeding bowls can have an impact on your pet’s health. Oftentimes, your pet will have a hard time eating if they don’t like where their feeding station is. In addition, if you put your place mats in the wrong area of your home, it can end up creating larger messes. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing where to put your pet’s feeding area.

Position your Pet Place Mats Where They Will Feel Like Eating

Your pet likely will have a hard time eating well if they aren’t in a calm, quiet environment. Be sure your pet’s feeding bowls are in a peaceful place. This will help them enjoy mealtimes. Additionally, your pet place mats should be located away from litter boxes and water bowls. Your pet’s appetite can be negatively affected if they are in the same area where they relieve themselves. Also, pets seek out water and food separately. Therefore, if their food bowls are near the water bowls, they may be less likely to drink the amount of water they need.

Finally, moving place mats and pet feeding areas can create distress for your pet. Since your pet relies on a routine, you should only move feeding areas under certain circumstances. For example, if your pet is injured, it may be a good idea to move their feeding area to a place where they won’t have to travel as far to eat.

Put your Pet Place Mats Where There will be Fewer Messes

There are also other benefits to choosing the perfect area to put your pet feeding areas. Your place mats already help protect your floors from spills. However, choosing the right location can help cut down on messes as well. Make sure to choose an area where bowls aren’t likely to get accidentally knocked over. For example, try to place your pet place mats away from high traffic areas and narrow hallways. Doing so will not only create a difficult environment for your pet, but for you and your family as well. You don’t want to have to try to slide by your pet during feeding times. Also, it can be frustrating when you kick the bowls over on accident and have to clean up spilled food and water.

In addition, you want to ensure you choose the right product to make feeding and clean up as easy as possible. At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we offer the best plastic solutions for our clients. We have wholesale pricing on pet place mats, cork plant mats, clear corsage boxes, and more. Our products are made in the United States so we can support jobs and families close to home and produce high quality plastic items. Call us today at (713) 937-3784 to place an order or to inquire about our products. We look forward to serving you.