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Pet Place Mats, A Must-Have for Messy Eaters

Pet Place Mats

For those of us with four-legged friends who can be somewhat messy at times, pet place mats can provide much-needed protection for flooring and can reduce the amount of clean-up required after your dog or cat finishes eating. These convenient feeding mats are designed to prevent spills from staining or damaging carpet or other floor treatments. Here are some practical tips for dealing with messy pets and keeping floors and homes clean and presentable every day.

Surround the Area

Choosing pet place mats that are large enough to catch most of the debris can simplify the cleaning process and provide added protection for carpet, tile or wood floors. This can allow cat and dog owners to wipe up any water or food that spills without the inconvenience of scrubbing floors or vacuuming and deep-cleaning carpet under their pet’s food and water bowls.

Upsize Your Bowls

Opting for somewhat larger bowls can allow your customers to provide their pets with the same amount of food and water without filling these containers to the top. This can reduce the chance of food becoming displaced and water spilling during mealtime for dogs or cats. It can also help pet owners to avoid spilling water on the floor on the way from the sink to the pet’s feeding area.

Place a Container Within a Container

In some cases, placing plant saucers or other container under the food and water bowl can provide an added layer of protection against accidental spills. This is especially useful for pets who tend to drip water from their muzzle after drinking. The presence of a second container can often prevent these spills from causing stains and damage to carpeting and other flooring, allowing pet owners to enjoy the most comfortable and cleanest surroundings throughout their homes.

Choose Heavier Bowls

Additional tips that could help keep food and water in their intended containers is to upgrade to heavier or weighted bowls. This can make it harder for dogs and cats to move these bowls around and can significantly reduce the chance of spillage. Even if a little food does become displaced, it will typically cover a much smaller area and will make clean-up much easier for pet owners.

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