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Pet Place Mats for Pet Pushing Food Bowls Around

Pet Place Mats – Curtis Wagner Plastics
Do you often find your dog’s food bowls in a completely different spot after they eat? Consider slip resistant pet place mats to stop them from moving their bowls.

Have you ever noticed that your dog pushes their food bowls across the floor while eating? There are a few reasons your pet may do this, but with the right strategies and slip resistant pet place mats, you may be able to stop this silly behavior. In most cases, your dog is just fine and there’s no reason to worry. However, any time your dog starts to act strangely or stops eating, it’s a good idea to visit your vet. Learn more about why your dog noses their food bowl and how your feeding procedures and pet place mats can help.

Why Your Dog Pushes His Food Bowl

There are a few reasons your dog may try to move their food bowl around. If you notice that they nose their food bowls on the floor or on their current pet place mats only when they’re playful, then they may just be trying to explore their environment. By contrast, dogs that do this every time may be acting out of instinct. Dogs are hunters and scavengers by nature. This may explain why they push their bowls around.

How to Stop the Behavior

With the best pet place mats and some behavior changes of your own, you may be able to stop your dog from pushing their bowls on the floor. Sticking to regularly scheduled meals can help re-train your dog away from this habit. Additionally, be cautious of how you could be reinforcing the behavior. For example, when your dog starts to push their bowl, do you give them attention or fill the bowl? If so, this could be teaching your dog that it’s okay to push their bowl.

Using Slip Resistant Pet Place Mats

However, you may not be able to completely rid your dog of their bowl pushing habit, or it may take a while to teach them. To help stop them from doing this and to protect your floors from spills, invest in slip resistant pet place mats for their food and water bowls. Specifically, choose a non-skid mat. Our carpet pet mats come with rubber backing to prevent them from moving. In addition, they absorb spills and are easy to clean with a vacuum, broom, or water hose.

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