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Pet Place Mats: Easy and Convenient Cleanup for Messy Pets

Pet Place Mats

Taking good care of your four-legged family members is essential to keep them happy and healthy. Pet place mats are an excellent solution for protecting hardwood floors or carpeting while defining an area where pets can expect to receive food and water. These innovative products are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and configurations to suit just about any need or aesthetic preference. Here are some of the most important benefits of dog and cat place mats for your customers.

Preventing Insect Infestations

By keeping food and water confined to a mat that can easily be removed and cleaned, the risk of insect infestations is reduced to a significant degree. Regular cleaning or replacement of pet place mats will promote a healthy, clean environment for pets and people on an ongoing basis.

Protecting Flooring

Hardwood floors are especially susceptible to the effects of water or moist food on their finishes. Place mats for your pets will serve as a protective barrier against food and water spills and are ideal solutions for messy eaters. These place mats are also well-suited to carpeted areas and will reduce the need for deep cleaning of rugs and carpets in areas where pets typically consume food and water.

Stopping Slips

Dogs and cats are often guilty of pushing their food and water dishes around, which will often result in spills and damage to flooring, carpeting and rugs. A pet place mat is an excellent solution for this problem and will often provide friction to keep dog and cat food and water bowls safely in place. Consistent use of a place mat will eventually discourage even the most committed feline or canine from pushing their food and water bowls around the house. 

Keeping Things Clean

Place mats for pets are usually dishwasher-safe, which makes them a convenient and hygienic choice for families on the go. By purchasing two or more mats and switching them out on a regular basis, pets will enjoy a clean and attractive dining area. This will add to the appeal of food and water even for picky eaters and will promote a healthy environment for people and pets.

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