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Use Pet Place Mats Instead of Elevated Feeders for Dogs

dog getting food on pet place mats
For most dogs, it’s better to feed on the floor level, like on your pet place mats, rather than elevated feeders.

Are you feeding your dog correctly? Many people believe that elevated feeders are better for their dogs, but that may not be the case. For most dogs, it’s often better to put their bowls at floor level on pet place mats to catch spills and protect your floors. Let’s talk about the differences between pet place mats and elevated feeders, as well as the risks associated with elevated feeders for dogs.

Pet Place Mats vs. Elevated Feeders

First, what is the difference between pet place mats and elevated feeders? While they’re both used to set food and water bowls on for your dog, there are a couple of key differences. 

Pet place mats are at floor level. You place your pet’s bowls on the mat to help protect your floors from things like spilled water and food. They can also help prevent your dog from sliding their bowls across the floor

There are several different kinds of pet placemats to choose from. There are different material options, as well as design features like color and shapes to choose from. Some even feature a raised edge to help catch spills from really messy eaters. 

By contrast, elevated feeders, also known as raised feeders, are like a small table with cut outs for your dog’s bowls. They come in many different heights, but generally raise the food and water bowls at least a few inches off the ground. 

The problem with elevated feeders is that raising up your dog’s food and water bowls may actually be dangerous for them. Many people don’t realize this, putting their dogs at risk, including for life-threatening bloat. 

Dangers of Elevated Feeders and Bloat in Dogs

Elevated feeders may seem innocuous or even helpful, especially for large dogs that are taller. However, they may actually increase the risk for bloat, which can be deadly to dogs. 

Bloat is the common term for Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV). It happens when the stomach swells and twists. This can cause many health issues for your dog. It can block the veins in the abdomen and interfere with normal organ function. Some risks with bloat in dogs include low blood pressure, shock, internal organ damage, and breathing issues. 

Bloat in dogs is typically due to too much swallowed air. Elevated feeders may contribute to this. In fact, some studies have even found that elevated feeders more than double a dog’s risk for bloat

Therefore, for most dogs, it’s typically better to place their bowls at floor height on pet place mats, unless your vet tells you otherwise. 

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