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Pet Place Mats & Feeding Multiple Cats

Pet Place Mats – Curtis Wagner Plastics
Setting up a feeding station for each cat with multiple pet place mats can help reduce meal time stress.

Have you noticed your cats misbehaving? Your feeding routines might be to blame. Pet place mats and plant saucers may help you feed your cats more effectively and decrease stress for both them and you. Consider these tips for multi-cat homes:

Set Up a Feeding Station with Pet Place Mats for Each Cat

While your kitties may peacefully coexist in your home, they actually like to be alone when eating. Therefore, consider getting pet place mats for each of your cats and separating them during meal times. Because cats naturally hunt by themselves, feeding all your cats on the same pet place mats can stress them out and create many issues for your cats. For example, feeding time stress can increase your cats’ risk for obesity, frequent vomiting, skin diseases, and urinary tract infections. Additionally, the larger, more dominant cats may block your meeker kitties from eating at the feeding station. Therefore, use multiple pet place mats in different areas of your home for feeding time. Multiple cat feeding mats also help you monitor how much each of your cats is eating and can help you identify health problems more quickly compared to feeding all your cats together.

Consider Plant Saucers as an Alternative to Food Bowls

Does it seem like your cats demand more food even when their bowls still have food in them? Or have you noticed them trying to tip over their food? When your cats have behavioral issues during meal time, you also need to consider the type of bowls you’re using on your pet place mats. Many cats prefer shallow bowls to eat from. A normal bowl that you’d find in your cupboard can be uncomfortable for your cats to eat from.

There are two reasons your cats may prefer a shallow container. First, deeper bowls touch their whiskers. This may cause stress for your cats while eating. Additionally, traditional bowls can make it difficult for them to see their environment while eating, which may make them feel unsafe. However, plant saucers are a perfect alternative to traditional bowls for your cat. They are shallow and made of heavy-duty plastic, which is perfect for wet or dry cat food as well as water. Therefore, consider this inexpensive replacement for your cats’ bowls.

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