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Should I Get Pet Place Mats With or Without a Lip?

Pet place mats are essential for protecting your floors from messes and damage. These provide a barrier between your floors and water and food spills from your pet. You might be wondering what type of feeding mat to buy for your pet.

You spend a lot of time choosing the right food and water bowls for your pets. It’s important to give the same consideration to the feeding mats for your furry friends. Two common options are flat mats and place mats with a lip. In this article, we’re going to discuss these two options and which one may work best for your pets and home.

Why Choose Flat Pet Place Mats?

Pawzee Dog Bone Pet Place Mat manufactured by Curtis Wagner Plastics
Pet Place Mats without a lip keep food bowls in place and prevents spills from damaging your floor.

When feeding your pet, you might notice food pieces or water on the floor. That’s why many pet owners place bowls on special pet place mats. One common type of feeding mat is a flat mat, often made of absorbent materials. Our fabric pet feeding mats come in several shapes, sizes, and colors. This helps you customize them to your pet and home.

Our flat pet feeding mats use special non-toxic fabric with a special rubber backing to prevent slipping and to stop water from seeping through the back side of the mat. These mats absorb spills and keep food bowls in their place by preventing them from sliding along the floor as your pet chows down enthusiastically. They work similar to our cork plant mats in that they are primarily meant to stop small spills, not major messes. Many pet owners find these work best for relatively clean eaters. 

What About Pet Feeding Mats with a Lip?

Deluxe Pet Place Mat manufactured by Curtis Wagner Plastics
Pet Place Mats with a lip catch and contain big spills caused by your furry friend.

Another option that might work better for you is mats with a lip. These pet place mats use a raised edge to help contain bigger spills. These are generally made of a sturdy plastic, while some feature a fabric lining for extra comfort for your dog or cat. 

These mats are best for ultra-messy eaters. The raised edge actually helps catch and trap food and water spills from your pets during feeding time. For example, if your pet spills a water or food bowl, the pet feeding mat with a lip can help contain most, if not all, of the mess. 

Our line of feeding mats with a lip come in several different colors and are made of high-grade sturdy plastic so they can last years. The deluxe version uses a lining of durable synthetic fabric that helps absorb spills while the plastic stops them in their tracks to prevent damage to your floors. 

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