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Plant Parenthood: Why You Need Indoor Plants

plants on cork plant mats and plastic plant saucers in room

House plants are a beautiful addition to your indoor décor. Clear plant saucers offer protection for furnishings and flooring, so you can enjoy the benefits of greenery without damaging personal possessions and property. Including live plants as a part of your modern decorating schemes can bring many added benefits to you and your home.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Plants interact with the air around them to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. This can help to purify indoor air and to prevent issues that sometimes arise from pollutants inside the home. Leafy plants are useful in increasing humidity levels indoors to reduce sinus and allergy issues associated with lack of moisture in the air. Indoor plants will typically help decrease the incidence of colds and other minor respiratory issues.

More Restful Sleep

Plants like aloe vera, lavender and jasmine give off a pleasing aroma that helps with sleeping difficulties. These house plants may also reduce stress for some individuals. Performing a little research on the best plants for insomnia and mood management will allow for the best and healthiest choices for indoor plants inside your home.

The Potential for Produce

Indoor gardening is becoming more popular as consumers learn the benefits of organic fruits and vegetables. Plants like lemons, mandarin oranges, avocados and tomatoes are especially suitable for growing indoors. These fruits and vegetables complement home décor arrangements and provide a source of fresh food during every season of the year.

Enhanced Interior Décor

Freestanding plants require a fair amount of room on a stand, table or on the floor. For areas with less available floor space, a combination of hanging plants and clear basket liners is an ideal choice for bringing green plants indoors. Incorporating the right plant accessories and clear plant saucers into home décor is a solid step toward getting the greatest benefits from your indoor greenery.

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