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Plant Saucer Sizing Guide

Plant Saucer – Curtis Wagner Plastics
The right size plant saucer is vital for your plant’s health.

A plant saucer is the perfect way to protect your floors and furniture from water damage. However, how do you know which plant saucer will work best for your plant? Unfortunately, many people choose the wrong size saucer for their plants. This can affect plant health. Therefore, make sure you know how to choose the right size plant saucer.

How to Choose the Right Plant Saucer for Your Plants

Many people are at a loss for what size of saucer they need for their plants. Even worse, many aren’t aware how important the saucer size is for plant health. Some say that you should just pick a plant saucer one size larger than the base of your planter. However, this is likely too small. This can lead to overflowing saucers and water damage in your home.

The best way to determine if a plant saucer is large enough is to place it upside down on top of your planter. It should be the same diameter or a little bigger. However, if you don’t have the pot with you, just measure the top of your planter. Then, just make sure your saucer is at least as large as that measurement.

Choosing the Right Pot for Your Plants

Now you know how to choose the right saucer, but these instructions only work if you’re using the right size planter. Different plants will have different requirements from the pot you place them in. Generally, they need enough room that their roots aren’t cramped, but not so much room that it will be difficult for them to soak up water. A good rule of thumb for planter pot height is that it should be about half the height of your plant. As for width, this will depend on what type of plant you have. Generally, for plants that are particularly susceptible to root rot, you want a narrower pot, as they tend to drain more quickly. In contrast, wider pots tend to hold onto water better.

Of course, after reading this you may have just realized that your plants are in the wrong size planters. If you need to repot  to a larger planter for plant health, but can’t do so for a little while, we have a tip to get you by until you can get a larger pot and move your plant. Try a wider or deeper saucer and fill it to the top with water next time you need to give your plants a little hydration. This will help stop the soil from drying out too quickly until you’re able to repot. 

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