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Incorporating Plant Saucers Into Indoor and Outdoor Décor

Plant Saucers

Plant saucers are designed to provide protection against spills and water drainage inside and outside your home. These practical devices also offer drainage for plants, which is necessary to ensure good health and beautiful foliage. Understanding the right ways to use plant saucers ensures that you enjoy  healthy and attractive plants for your indoor décor and outdoor landscaping.

Mixing and Matching

Matching plant pot and saucers can provide a pulled-together and cohesive look for your home. However, contrasting colors and patterns can create an eclectic and modern look for your home. Clear plant saucers are a neutral selection that protect your flooring and furnishings. Whichever you choose, be sure to select a saucer that is appropriately sized for the plant and pot.

Choosing the Right Size

Most experts recommend choosing a plant saucer that fits over the top of the pot which will be used. This ensures that the saucer is capable of holding excess water and preventing water from causing damage to surfaces beneath the plant. Saucers that are too small may overflow water during the draining process. If a saucer is extremely oversized, you can turn a disadvantage into an opportunity by placing colorful stones or marbles at the base of the saucer and setting the pot atop these items. This creates a beautiful look that enhances your décor.

Protecting Your Floors

Cork plant mats are an ideal solution for protecting flooring, tables, shelves and decks from the buildup of moisture that can sometimes occur under ceramic planters and pots. Depending on the configuration of your pot or saucer, it may trap moisture for a prolonged period of time. This could result in damage to carpets and hardwood floors and might cause wood rot in extreme cases. Placing a cork mat between the saucer or pot and the floor can prevent these issues from causing damage to your home and furnishings.

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