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Plant Saucers for Outdoor Plants Protect Your Patio

Plant Saucers - Curtis Wagner Plastics
Plant saucers prevent water damage and stains on wood and concrete patios.

Plant saucers are the perfect way to protect floors and furniture when you have potted plants. Most people realize that they need something to protect their indoor floors and furniture, but what about outdoor plants? Plants are a gorgeous addition to patios and decks, but can cause stains, water damage, or even mold growth. With the right saucers, you can keep your patio in pristine condition.

Why are Plant Saucers Important for Outdoor Potted Plants?

Decks and patios are often made of either wood or concrete. Most of us think that they can stand up to almost anything. However, they can be prone to damage from plant drainage. Therefore, you need plant saucers under all your outdoor plants. There are a few ways that potted plants without saucers could lead to expensive deck or patio repairs.

If you have a wood deck, plant saucers help protect the boards from excess water that can cause warping, water damage, and rot. Even if the wood is sealed, those sealants do wear off over time, especially if they’re exposed to water frequently. So, it’s important to have something there to catch extra water from your plants. Also, when you water your plants you’re not just giving them a drink, you’re also helping flush out extra salts and irons in the soil. This is good for your plants, but can leave behind stains on your outdoor oasis. That’s why we recommend using hanging basket drip pans for outdoor hanging plants as well. They also work to catch extra water, salts, and iron to help prevent deck stains from plants

However, even if you have a concrete patio, you still need plant saucers for protection. Concrete is heavy-duty and can withstand a lot of things. However, it can still stain from salts and irons flushed out of soils during watering. In addition, allowing water to sit for a long time on your concrete patio can promote mold and mildew growth, which no one wants to deal with. Instead, using our plant saucers designed for plenty of drainage and airflow not only helps keep your plants healthy, but also helps prevent damage to decks and patios.

Other Benefits of Saucers for Outdoor Plants

Why else might you choose clear plant saucers for your outdoor plants? They may help you fine-tune your watering habits. Often, plant parents will only realize that they were giving too much or too little water to their plants after they die. However, looking at how much water drains into the saucers can help you determine whether you’re over or under watering. For example, if you notice a lot of water in the saucer every time you water, that means you’re giving your plants too much water. By contrast, if you don’t see any in the saucer, then either you have blocked drainage holes in the pot, or you’re not giving the plants enough water. Water should make it all the way down through the soil for most plants. Therefore, planter saucers can help you gauge if you’re watering your plants right. 

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