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Plant Saucers, Proper Drainage and Care for Indoor Plants

Indoor plants require plenty of tender loving care to thrive. This includes a regular application of fertilizer, a healthy dose of sunlight and the right amount of water to keep these plants looking and feeling their best. The proper use of plant saucers can improve drainage and ensure the healthiest plants for your home or business environment. Here are some expert watering and drainage tips to keep your houseplants looking great all year around.

Create a Permeable Barrier

When repotting plants into new containers, be sure to put mesh or other permeable material over the hole in the bottom. This can prevent potting soil from washing out through this opening during watering. Making sure that your soil stays in place can provide improved support for root systems and can ensure the healthiest possible plants for your indoor areas.

Invest in Clear Plant Saucers

One clever and attractive way to ensure optimal drainage for your houseplants is to set them into clear plant saucers lined with colorful gravel. This can prevent damage to your plant’s roots because of standing water while ensuring a humid climate for your tropical foliage. Saucers can also prevent damage to your flooring and carpeting, making it easier to maintain your indoor spaces in the style you most prefer.

Soak Up the Sun’s Rays

Your indoor plants need at least some exposure to the sun to stay healthy. Making sure that this exposure takes place during the warmest part of the day in winter and during the cool of the morning or late afternoon during hot summers can help your plant derive the most benefit from the rays of the sun. This can also provide you with a chance to pamper your plants with added fertilizer, misting and a motivational talk to ensure proper growth.

Consider Double Pots

If your décor is constantly changing to suit the seasons, making sure your plants can be transferred easily can help you manage these tasks more quickly. Using an approved container with adequate drainage inside a larger decorative pot can make swapping out pots and plants a breeze. Double potting allows you to enjoy the greatest possible convenience when altering your interior design at home or in the workplace.

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