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Plant Saucers Protect Floors and Rugs Under Plants

Plant in living room with plant saucer as barrier between planter and white fluffy rug
Plant saucers help stop water from damaging your rugs and other flooring.

Houseplants are a great addition to any home. They help enrich your space and improve air quality. However, potted plants can cause water damage to floors and rugs. That’s why you need the right plant saucers to help catch extra water and stop it from destroying your floors.

How do Potted Plants Damage Floors and Rugs?

How could potted plants do so much damage? Really, it mostly comes down to soil and water. Spilled soil on your floors can cause stains and scratches, so it’s important to sweep up extra soil as soon as possible. Water, however, can be a bigger problem than you might realize. 

You likely know that all plants need drainage to stay healthy. Without drainage, water can’t flush out extra minerals in the soil. Also, without drainage stagnant water sits at the bottom of the planter, which can lead to root rot. That’s why most planters come with drainage holes. 

This also means that water drains out of the holes in your planters. Without plant saucers, this can cause irreparable damage to your floors and rugs.

Excess water sitting underneath a planter can cause:

  • Wood warping
  • Mold 
  • Mildew
  • Discoloration/stains
  • Mineral deposits
  • Rotting 

Even if you remember to move the planter and wipe up the excess water, in many cases this isn’t enough to stop the damage. Frequent water exposure can do a number on wood flooring. Also, water can find its way deep into carpet and rugs, causing water damage even if the spot feels dry to the touch. Therefore, if you’re going to keep planters on rugs, carpets, or other flooring, you need solutions for preventing water from reaching your floors. 

How Plastic Plant Saucers Come to the Rescue

Plastic planter saucers are a great way to protect your floors from water damage due to potted houseplants. Plant saucers can help you avoid expensive flooring repairs and even replacements from water drainage. 

Saucers are an ideal solution, as they’re inexpensive, long-lasting, and effective at preventing floor damage from planters, but it’s vital to choose the right kind. For instance, many planters will come with a saucer, but if it’s made of clay, cement, ceramic, or any other type of porous material, they might not be as effective as plastic saucers. This is because porous materials can take in water and “sweat” it out later, no matter how much you water or what temperature it is. This moisture can also harm your floors. By contrast, plastic saucers don’t sweat and help act as a watertight barrier between the bottom of the planter and your floors. 

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