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Tips for Ordering the Right Pet Place Mats for Your Customers

For customers with four-legged friends that can be messy at mealtimes, pet place mats can provide on-the-spot protection for carpeting and other floor treatments. These practical and attractive solutions can prevent pet food from becoming embedded in carpeting or damaging the finish of hardwood floors. Here are some tips for choosing the right pet place mats for your retail stores and your customers.

Size Matters

While some smaller place mats may have engaging designs, larger is usually better for pet place mats. Opting for ample space around water and food bowls can often limit the effect of messy eating on the surrounding area of flooring. Offering your customers a selection of sizes ranging from medium to extra-large can allow you to increase customer satisfaction with these pet purchases.

Stock Mats in a Range of Materials

Place mats and plant saucers are available in an array of materials that include fabric, plastic, silicone and carpeted models. Carpeted mats require frequent cleaning but offer superior absorbency for spilled liquids. On the other end of the spectrum, plastic trays and mats are easy to clean and can be maintained in top condition for a longer period of time. By selecting a variety of materials for your pet food mats, you can cater to a wider range of customers and can ensure that your stores carry the products most wanted by patrons of your retail establishments.

Provide a Selection of Non-Slip Mats

Pet place mats that feature a non-slip coating on the bottom are ideal for hardwood and tile floors. These coatings can prevent dogs and cats from sliding their bowls and mats around on the floor. By recommending these practical solutions for your customers and stocking an array of non-slip pet place mats, you can ensure that they achieve the desired result for their floor treatments and their homes.

Offer an Array of Design Choices

Your customers will likely have personal preferences in colors, styles and designs for their pet place mats. By choosing a representative collection of mats for your retail outlets, you can increase the odds of having the perfect place mat for your customers. This can boost your sales and enhance your reputation for customer service among those who frequent your stores.

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