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Use Plant Saucers for Bottom Watering

Square gray pot with black plant saucers
Plant saucers are the perfect way to bottom water your plants.

As you know, watering is an important part of plant care. However, did you know there are different ways to water your plants? Most people water their plants by using a watering can or a cup to pour water over the top of the plant and allow the extra to drip out into plant saucers through the pot’s drainage holes. This is called top watering. An alternative to this plant watering strategy is called bottom watering or reverse watering. We’ll discuss what this is and how to do it using your plant saucers in this article.

How to Use Plant Saucers for Bottom Watering

All plants need water, even cacti. However, different plants may need different types of watering to grow and thrive properly. In some cases, bottom watering may be a better option for your houseplants than top watering. The good news is that you probably don’t need anything extra for this watering process. All you need is a plant in a pot with drainage holes and a plant saucer. Any type of saucer works well for this plant watering method, whether you choose clear plant saucers that match with anything or colored saucers. Just make sure the saucer is the right size for your potted plant.

Benefits of Bottom Watering Certain Plants

Before we give you the step-by-step guide to bottom watering with plant saucers, first let’s talk about why you might want to bottom water your plants

Bottom watering allows your plants to drink the water they need from the roots, which can help prevent under watering or over watering. It also helps keep the soil moist if your potting soil is prone to excessive drainage. 

Also, bottom watering prevents splashes that can get on leaves and cause issues for certain plants. Top watering makes it pretty hard to avoid splashing water onto other parts of the plant. 

Just keep in mind that bottom watering doesn’t flush out excess minerals and salts. Therefore, you may still need to top water your plants occasionally, about once every few months or so, depending on the plant. 

Some plants that like bottom watering include:

  • African violets
  • Snake plants
  • Succulents
  • Jade plants
  • Pothos plants
  • Herbs

Step-By-Step Guide for Bottom Watering with Plant Saucers

Now you know why you might want to bottom water your plants, let’s talk about how to do it. 

Here’s how to bottom water your plants using your plant saucers:

  1. Fill the plant saucer with water. Use a watering can to do this to prevent spills.
  2. Set the plant in the saucer.
  3. Leave the plant for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Check the top of the soil. It should feel moist.
  5. If all the water is gone and the top of the soil still feels dry, repeat steps 1-4 again.
  6. Remove the water from the saucer, either by pouring it out in the sink or by sucking it out of the saucer with a turkey baster.
  7. Replace the dry plant saucer to catch any additional drips from the plant.

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