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Watering Plants While Away Using Clear Plant Saucers

clear plant saucers

If you have travel plans, you may be wondering how to keep your houseplants alive while you’re gone. Luckily, clear plant saucers can come in handy if you will be away and can’t water your plants.

Remove Plants from Direct Sunlight

First, before you leave you should make sure to move your plants away from direct sunlight. While plants need light to grow, direct sunlight can make them dry out faster and need more water. Therefore, you should move your plants to an area in your home where they will get light without having the rays beating straight down on them. This will help your plants maintain their moisture until you come back.

Turn Your Thermostat Down

Another precaution you should take before you leave is to turn down the temperature in your home. Try setting your thermostat to about 55° F. This will help your plants survive while you are out of town. Cooler temperatures cause your plants to go into a semi-dormancy and need less water. However, be sure not to overdo it, as plants that are left in environments colder than 55° F can die or wilt.

After taking the above steps, you will want to make sure that you leave plenty of water for your houseplants. There are two different methods that utilize clear plant saucers to water your plants while you are away. Which one you use depends on the types of plants you have.

Method 1: Fill Your Clear Plant Saucer with Water

One watering method is to fill your clear plant saucers with water before you leave. First, ensure that your plant is in a pot with good drainage. Then, choose a plant saucer that is slightly bigger than the pot and add water to the saucer. Doing so allows your plants to “drink” the water as needed. However, if your plants dehydrate easily, this may not be the most effective solution if you plan to be gone for more than a day or two.

Method 2: Give Your Plants a “Big Water” Before You Leave

The next method that you can use to water your plants while on vacation is to give your plants extra water before you leave. Be sure that you have clear plant saucers underneath your pots so the water that drains out won’t damage your home or belongings. You may also consider adding cork plant mats underneath the saucers for added protection. If your plants are susceptible to root rot or overwatering, this is likely not the best watering solution for them.

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