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When to Use Square Plant Saucers

clay colored square plant saucers
Are square plant saucers the right option for your plants?

Plant saucers come in many different options to help people customize them to their home. For instance, you can find clear and colorful saucers to match flower pots or other home decor. Many plant saucers are round, like plant pots, but there are also square options. In this article, we’ll discuss when to use square saucers for your plants. 

Use Square Plant Saucers for Square Pots

One of the main reasons to choose square plant saucers is if you have square plant pots. Our square carpet saver saucers come in a variety of sizes to match practically any planter you own. These help ensure that your plants have plenty of drainage, protect your home from water and soil damage, and also reduce the risk of matted carpets by using special feet to reduce the amount of pressure on the carpet from your planters. They also come in a range of colors to fit your needs and aesthetic. 

There is also a benefit of using a square saucer with a round flower pot. Since square saucers have corners, they can hold a little bit more water compared to round saucers of the same size. Therefore, if you find that you need just a tiny bit more space for drained water, this might be a good option. 

Why Use Square Pots for Plants and Flowers?

Traditionally, most plant pots are round. There may be many different reasons for this, such as because planters all used to be made by hand. However, there are some interesting benefits to opting for a square pot for your plants and flowers. One reason is that they look unique and ultra-modern. Many people are simply more attracted to the square shape compared to round planters. 

Another advantage is that it makes it easy to fit potted plants into the corners of rooms in your home. With a square planter, you can generally push the planter right up into the corner to save a little space. 

Square planters also have more room for soil and to allow for the roots to spread out. Many plant enthusiasts use square planters because they believe it reduces the risk of plants becoming pot bound, as more room allows the roots to spread themselves out more. 

Therefore, there may be many reasons why you prefer a square plant pot compared to a round one. Just make sure you get a square plant saucer to match! 

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