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Clear Basket Liners

CWPlastics | Clear Plastic Basket Liner

The Curtis Wagner Plastics heavy gauge clear basket vinyl liner is an ideal foundation for gifts, floral arrangements, and potted plants. Curtis Wagner Plastics is a Houston-based manufacturer of plastic products. We offer a full line of clear basket liners that provide spill-proof support for assorted fruit and ornamental greenery. Our full line of products is available at wholesale prices for florist shops, grocery stores, lawn and garden centers, and nursery use. The operations team at Curtis Wagner Plastics handles all phases of design and manufacture. Therefore, our plastic products are made in the USA and meet all applicable standards for quality and durability. Above all, our products are made with safe materials making them a solid investment for distributors and consumers alike.

Top-Rated Performance

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we take pride in everything we do and enjoy an exceptional record of on-time delivery for all our products. We enjoy solid relationships with chain store accounts and our wholesale distribution networks and have achieved 100 percent success in filling all purchase orders. By delivering reliable, top-quality plastic products for our partners and clients, we have built a reputation for excellence in the plastics industry. Additionally, our trim-in-place thermoforming manufacturing methods ensure optimal precision for size and shape and produce more symmetrical products for our customers.

Clear Basket Liner

Curtis Wagner Plastics manufactures clear basket liners in a variety of diameters ranging from 4 – 25 inches. Configurations for these innovative carpet savers include shallow, deep, and medium models designed to fit nearly any standard basket. Heavy gauge vinyl liners offer added flexibility and transparency to provide real support for candy and fruit baskets. Moreover, our heavy-gauge plastic basket liners are best suited for floral arrangements and potted plants. By keeping potting soil and water safely inside the basket, our lineup of plant liners ensure optimal protection for table surfaces and flooring.

Design Neutral Choices

Because the clear basket liner and floor saver products are clear, they will not clash with the design elements of floral and gift basket arrangements. Colors and accent points can show through and provide added visual interest without contrasting or clashing colors. By choosing clear basket liners, florists and other design specialists can ensure that their original vision is preserved throughout the creation process.

A Full Range of Accessories

Along with our basket liners, we also offer our heavy gauge carpet saver saucers to protect carpeting, hardwood flooring, and tiles from water damage caused by hanging baskets and potted plants. Our plastic plant saucers feature numerous bubble shaped feet that support the planter and reduce the risk of overwatering. At the same time, they protect surfaces against contact with dirt or moisture. This innovative design also allows air movement underneath planters to prevent discoloration of decks, shelves, and tables. Additionally, Curtis Wagner Plastics also manufactures cake boards, plastic paint trays, pet place mats, and clear floral boxes. We conveniently offer these items at wholesale prices to our corporate partners.

The professional staff at Curtis Wagner Plastics can provide added information on our full line of products. Contact us to learn how we can help your company expand its inventory options and provide top-quality plastic goods for the consumer marketplace.