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Clear Floral Boxes - Corsage & Rose Plastic Boxes

Clear Floral BoxesAt Curtis Wagner Plastics, we design, fabricate, and manufacture a complete line of products for the floral marketplace. We are the sole source for a variety of clear floral boxes made in the USA and produce top-quality containers to fit a range of floral arrangements, including the following:

  • Single rose arrangements
  • Long-stemmed roses by the dozen
  • Boutonnières and corsages in all sizes
  • Wedding bouquets

Our advanced manufacturing methods and commitment to quality set us apart from our competition in the wholesale market. We use a process known as thermoforming that produces a greater degree of precision and symmetry in the finished product, ensuring that our clear plastic floral boxes are the ideal display medium for use in the floral department of grocery stores and other retail florist applications.

Protection for Delicate Floral Arrangements

Curtis Wagner Plastics’ full line of floral display boxes provides real protection against impacts that could mar the beauty of cut flower arrangements. Additionally, these boxes allow consumers to view flowers from all angles before making a selection for purchase, ensuring greater customer satisfaction after the sale. Elegant and attractive, clear floral boxes provide a real showcase for artistic arrangements. Clear corsage boxes make great carrying cases and preserve the freshness of these small floral creations. The clear rose boxes available through Curtis Wagner Plastics allow the brilliant colors of the roses to shine through naturally. This can make a stunning impression on the recipient and provides exceptional protection for these delicate flowers en route to their destination.

A Full Line of Florist Supplies

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we also produce and sell heavy-gauge vinyl plastic basket liners to enhance the beauty and practicality of gift baskets, cut flower arrangements, and potted plants. Our products are thicker and more durable than those sold by our competitors, making them an ideal choice for florist shops interested in making a favorable impression on customers. Sturdy and well-designed, our clear basket liners, plant saucers, and hanging basket drip pans offer exceptional value for retailers and are available in sizes and configurations to fit most floral needs.

Diverse Products, One Goal

Curtis Wagner Plastics also produces pet supplies, plastic paint trays, and numerous other plastic products. For our full line of products, however, our objective remains the same. We are committed to serving our clients and distribution partners by manufacturing the most innovative and appealing products on the market. To that end, the research and development team at Curtis Wagner Plastics is constantly striving to find new ways to put plastic to work for consumers and to exceed their expectations in terms of quality, durability, and overall value.

Curtis Wagner Plastics serves the wholesale distribution and retail chain store marketplace. To learn more about our full catalog of plastic products and to discuss how you can add items from Curtis Wagner Plastics to your store’s inventory, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.