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Clear Plant Saucers - Vinyl, Heavy Gauge Plastic

Clear Plant Saucers provide protection from the water that drains out of your pots. Almost every plant requires drainage to prevent overwatering. Therefore, these products act as a barrier to shelter surrounding surfaces. This helps preserve your indoor and outdoor spaces. Curtis Wagner Plastics is an accepted leader in the plastics industry. We specialize in providing the most advanced and durable products for lawn and garden centers and other retail outlets. We primarily serve wholesale distribution and chain store marketplaces. Moreover, we offer an extensive selection of plastic products designed and made in the USA. Our commitment to quality and innovation in the field of plastics manufacturing sets us apart from the competition and ensures greater customer satisfaction at every phase of the distribution process.

The Origins of Excellence – Clear Vinyl Plant Saucer 

The original clear vinyl plant saucer was created and produced in the 1970s by Curtis Wagner himself, and quickly became popular as the state of the art in plastic production at the time. His innovation and drive inspired the founding of Curtis Wagner Plastics in Houston, TX, in 1992, and continues to motivate the operational team at our manufacturing facility to the present day. Our products are designed and produced at the Curtis Wagner Plastics plant. Therefore, our products are durable and designed to stand up to frequent and regular use.

An Unmatched Selection of Designer Plant Saucers

We offer a full line of clear vinyl products that include heavy-gauge footed saucers for added stability and increased floor protection. Curtis Wagner Plastics uses thicker and sturdier plastic to construct its products. Therefore, this ensures they last longer and work better for end users. Our clear saucers are available in diameters of 4 – 25 inches and in shallow, deep, or medium configurations. Curtis Wagner Plastics also manufactures clear plant stands, carpet saver saucers, and surface protector mats for floral shops, nurseries, and lawn and garden supply stores.

Baskets and Trays

Our hanging basket drip pans feature four hooks rather than the more commonly found three-hook models. This allows for greater stability and a reduced chance of drips, spills, and mishaps. Our clear plastic, vinyl plant trays and centerpiece display trays are elegant and functional. Therefore, these products allow end users to enhance the look of their botanical and floral masterpieces without the distraction of unwanted color.

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we hold a number of patents on innovative plastic products for the lawn and garden industry. We design every product from the ground up and use advanced manufacturing methods to ensure the most durable and practical items for consumer or commercial use. Our team has built a reputation for on-time delivery, and enjoys a 100 percent fill rate for purchase orders. By providing exceptional customer service and outstanding products for our clients, we build lasting relationships with our distribution partners and achieve greater market saturation for our products. Contact us today to learn more about our clear plant saucers and other exclusive products that are changing the face of the modern plastics industry.