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Colored Plant Saucers - Vinyl, Heavy Gauge Plastic

Plant in living room with plant saucer as barrier between planter and white fluffy rug

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we specialize in providing the most exclusive selection of plastic products for wholesale distributors and retail resellers. Our plastic plant saucers offer protection against drips and spills that can seriously damage flooring and furnishings. These exclusive items can also provide added protection against overwatering for delicate plants, making them an ideal accessory for botanical gardens and nursery facilities. Colored plant saucers are designed to complement the hues of planters and pots and can often serve as an attractive contrast to the colors of the plant itself. Because these saucers are designed with numerous small footings, they do not block air flow and will not cause discoloration of surfaces underneath the saucers.

Colored Saucers for a Wide Range of Uses

Our colored plant saucers are available in earth tones and other hues to go with almost any planter or floral arrangements. They are ideal for use as carpet savers or hardwood floor savers and can prevent moisture and dirt from marring the finish of furnishings inside or outside the home. Available in sizes that include shallow, deep, and medium and in diameters from 4 – 25 inches, these saucers are among the most versatile gardening accessories on the market. Colored plant saucers from Curtis Wagner Plastics are made from durable, long lasting plastic.

Outstanding Plant Protection

One of the greatest threats to potted plants is overwatering. Plant saucers are designed specifically to prevent this by allowing excess water to drain naturally away from roots and prevent damaging mildew, rot, and other ill effects of too much moisture. These cleverly designed saucers provide superior plant protection for a wide range of botanicals and can help novices avoid serious mistakes when caring for their potted plants. By incorporating Curtis Wagner Plastics products into the mix, aspiring gardeners can acquire a green thumb and grow beautiful, healthy plants at home.

Serving the Retail Community

Curtis Wagner Plastics manufactures a wide range of plastic products for sale in hardware stores, lawn and garden stores, and craft shops. By partnering with distributors and chain stores throughout the U.S., our company can ensure that consumers can enjoy easier access to our innovative selection of products. Additionally, the high quality and durability of our home and garden accessories, painting trays, pet supplies, and other exclusive items can enhance the reputation of retail outlets and ensure repeat business for their customers.

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we specialize in providing a full array of plastic products for a variety of industries, commercial applications, and consumer needs. Contact us today to learn more about our list of available products and how these items can generate added interest for your retail store and distribution network.