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Cork Plant Mats - Carpet & Furniture Savers

Cork Plant Mats - Curtis Wagner Plastics

Our line of wholesale cork plant mats offers superior plant protection. They also create a non-slip barrier between planters and floors, tables, shelves, and other surfaces. Durable and practical, cork plant mats provide real protection against the dreaded tabletop ring. Although, Curtis Wagner Plastics primarily focuses its manufacturing efforts on plastic products, we also create a range of other items. These items are ideal for florists, hardware stores, plant nursery facilities, and lawn and garden stores. Our team works with major wholesale distribution firms and retail chain stores to deliver our products to the consumer marketplace. 

Ideal Coasters for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Our fabric surface protector plant mats and cork plant mats can be used as barriers between planters and pots. As a result, these items protect floor or furnishings below them. These products are also available in a range of diameters and shapes. In addition, cork is a natural non-slip material that resists stains. They can also absorb some moisture thanks to its porous surface. When combined with Curtis Wagner Plastics’ extensive lineup of heavy-gauge plastic plant saucers, these mats can provide near-perfect protection.  For example, these items protect hardwood floors from water damage, carpeting, linoleum tiles, and furniture finishes. Furthermore, they can also eliminate the risk of scratches and marks to these interior surfaces. Outside, eco-friendly cork mats can provide additional stability for planters. As a result, this allows the most precise placement of various elements of the garden design.

Arts and Crafts Projects

Our versatile wholesale cork mats are beneficial in providing non-slip foundations for a wide range of arts and crafts activities. Moreover, cork is naturally spongy. Therefore, it provides good support for stapling and pinning items to it. Similarly, it a useful component in bulletin boards and collage projects. The natural hues and versatility of Curtis Wagner Plastics’ cork products can enhance almost any craft project or emerging work of art.

Ideal Kitchen Helpers

We design our wholesale cork plant mats to work as carpet savers and floor savers by acting as a barrier between planters and flooring. Our cork plant mats can also serve double duty as whimsical place mats or drink coasters during casual get-togethers with friends and family.

The Test of Time

We design our wholesale cork plant mats to stand up to wind and weather. For this reason, our products can be used indoors or outdoors. At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we use advanced thermoforming techniques for our plastic products. Additionally, our products meet or exceed all industry standards to ensure their longevity in everyday use. As a result, this allows distributors to purchase with confidence. We stand behind the products we design, manufacture, and supply. Our team is constantly working to improve our processes and create the best products for the consumer marketplace.

Curtis Wagner Plastics commits in providing the most comprehensive range of top-quality plastic products for the commercial marketplace. Contact us today if you’re interested in becoming a distribution partner or if you would like a catalog list of our products for evaluation. We look forward to working with you.