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How to Install Hanging Basket Drip Pans

Hanging Basket Drip Pans are the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor hanging plants. They prevent messes and damage from water that drains from your plants, protecting indoor floors, furniture and patio decks. In this article, we’ll explain how to use our top-quality drip pans for your hanging plants.

Step By Step Instructions for Installing Hanging Basket Drip Pans

If you have hanging plants, you need Hanging Basket Drip Pans to properly water them and protect your home from water that drips from the bottom of the planter.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to installing our Hanging Basket Drip Pans:
  1. Bend the four hooks into a vertical position so they can attach to the hanging planter
  2. Place the drip tray underneath the plant and lift it into position so it covers the outside of the planter
  3. Attach the hooks one by one so they hang from the top lip of the planter
  4. Let go of the drip pan so it hangs in place underneath the planter. Your hanging basket drip pan is now secure and you’re ready to water your plants!

What Size Drip Pan Should I Use?

The measurements of our Hanging Basket Drip Pans are based on the measurements of the top of the pot. Therefore, you should measure the diameter of the top of your pot then choose the size needed based on your measurement. For example, if the top diameter of your pot is 8”, you will use an 8” Hanging Basket Drip Pan.

We’ve created the chart below to help you select the proper size Hanging Basket Drip Pan needed based upon the size pot you’ve purchased.

Use this chart to determine the right size hanging basket drip pans for your hanging plant.

Why Use Drip Pans for Hanging Plants

Hanging basket drip pans are like plant saucers for hanging plants. They help catch excess water and allow for proper drainage from your hanging plants.

Your hanging plants need plenty of water to grow and thrive. However, letting that water pool in the planter without draining out can cause many issues for your houseplants. For example, it can lead to root rot, fungal growth, or bacterial infections. Additionally, if the water doesn’t drain out of the planter, it can essentially drown the plant, preventing the roots from getting enough oxygen, nitrogen, and other nutrients. Water needs to drain from your hanging plants to rinse out excess minerals. Therefore, drainage is key for healthy hanging plants.

To ensure proper drainage, consider using a well-draining soil and that your planter has drainage holes in the bottom. Don’t forget to add a Hanging Basket Drip Pan to catch the excess water! After watering your plants, wait at least 20 minutes to allow most of the excess water drain out. Then, detach the drip pan and pour out the water. Be sure you reattach the drip pan so it can catch any extra drips!

Premium Quality Plant Products from Curtis Wagner Plastics

Our experts at Curtis Wagner Plastics design and manufacture products that help protect your home and plants. We pride ourselves on providing superior quality and making all our products right here in the U.S.A.

Our hanging basket drip pans offer durable design for lasting protection for your floors, furniture, decks, and patios. They offer easy snap on installation using hooks molded into the tray for strength and longevity. We offer a variety of sizes to fit any hanging plant to help protect your home.

Whether you need hanging basket drip trays, clear floral boxes, or our innovative pet products, you can trust Curtis Wagner Plastics and our 30 years of experience for all your needs. Browse our catalogs online now and call us at (713) 937-3784 if you’re a wholesale distributor ready to place an order!

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