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Disposable & Recycled Paint Trays & Paint Can Drip Trays

Remodeling projects require the right tools to ensure the best possible results. Craft projects also need the right tools, and our paint pallets provide the perfect multi-cavity tray to dispense and mix colors. At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we design and create all of our products from start to finish and work with wholesale distributors to deliver these innovative items to the consumer marketplace. Curtis Wagner Plastics also partners with retail chain stores to increase visibility and to ensure that consumers can access needed items more easily. Our products are made in the USA and can be found on the shelves of home d├ęcor stores, art supply shops, hardware stores, craft supply centers, and paint stores.

Tools for Home and Fine Arts and Crafts Painting

Curtis Wagner Plastics manufactures and sells a full line of plastic paint trays to make any interior, exterior, or crafts painting project a little easier. Our innovative trim paint trays are designed with two wells. One well can be filled with paint to allow easy access to just the right amount of color or primer for woodwork, borders, and other areas that require fine brushwork and a steady hand; the other provides a convenient place to rest the brush when not in use. Our paint roller trays are ideal for managing bigger jobs and taking on wider canvases inside or outside the home. Multi-cavity pallet trays provide an ideal handheld paint-mixing platform for crafts and fine artists. Plastic paint trays allow for easier cleanup after the project is done and are lightweight enough to carry along during the painting process.

Dodging the Mess

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we also manufacture drip trays designed specifically to provide convenient protection against damage to wall treatments, carpeting, hardwood and tile floors, and other furnishings. Our paint can drip trays can catch any errant drops of paint when refilling the brush and are easy to clean and store after the job is done. These items can be combined with our plastic surface protector mats to provide a comprehensive solution for protecting homes against painting mishaps.

Disposable Painting Equipment

Curtis Wagner Plastics also manufactures disposable paint trays for even faster cleanup. These inexpensive plastic paint trays can be tossed after use, making them an ideal solution for families with limited storage space and companies with short-term renovation projects. Sturdy and reliable, these disposable plastic paint trays make painting projects even simpler and more efficient.

Innovations in Plastic Products

The team at Curtis Wagner Plastics is constantly exploring new product lines and new advances in the field of plastics manufacturing. Curtis Wagner himself was the inventor behind the creation of clear plastic saucers used to protect plants against overwatering and to protect surfaces against marring due to water leakage. We are constantly researching and developing new and innovative plastic products to deliver the best options for our partners in the wholesale distribution arena.

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we take pride in offering top quality plastic goods designed to suit the needs of consumers in their everyday activities. From paint trays to pet place mats, we deliver the products your customers need and want. Contact us today to learn more about our full line of products and how your company can become one of our valued business partners.