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Pet Place Mats - Pet Food Can Covers

Curtis Wagner Plastics offers an extensive array of pet place mats and other pet supply items at wholesale prices to pet stores and retail distributors. We specialize in creating exceptionally durable plastic goods designed to stand the test of time. For commercial companies that cater to the needs of pet owners, our top-quality products will make a positive impression on consumers and provide added value for retail enterprises. Our products are made in the USA to exacting quality standards, allowing our customers to buy with confidence and deliver the best plastic pet supplies in the industry.

Pet Place Mats

Pets and their owners will love the no-mess convenience of personalized pet mats. These floor savers are available in different shapes and materials to suit almost any décor and floor protection needs. Carpeted pet place mats can offer added comfort for feline and canine companions. Curtis Wagner Plastics also manufactures and sells pet place mats in a wide range of other materials that include plastic, fabric, and a combination of plastic and fabric on some models. Combinations of plastic and fabric can provide real style and durability for pet place mats and can ensure the greatest degree of protection for carpeting, hardwood, and tile floors.

Pet Food Can Lids

Keeping open cans of pet food fresh can be a real challenge. At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we manufacture and market plastic pet food lids that can help to keep dog and cat food as fresh and appealing as the day it was purchased at the grocery store. Our seal-tight design ensures that even the most finicky pets can enjoy the second half of the can of food, saving consumers time and money when purchasing pet supplies for their four-legged companions. The clip strip included on our pet food can covers makes it easy to display these items prominently for impulse buys and quick sales.

We Design What We Manufacture

Because the team at Curtis Wagner Plastics designs and fabricates all of our products from start to finish, we can ensure the highest quality materials and the most durable pet products in the plastics industry. We are innovators in the pet field and our complete lineup of pet supplies and pet sundries is designed specifically to meet the needs of pet owners and to provide distributors and retail chains with top-quality products at exceptional prices.

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we are committed to providing the most durable and functional plastic products on the market today. To that end, we deliver exceptional wholesale pet supply products and stand behind every item we manufacture and sell, allowing you to buy with confidence from us. Contact us today to learn more about our full line of elite pet supplies and how they can boost your company’s profitability.