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Plastic Cake Serving Boards - Reusable & Extra Strong

Plastic Cake Serving Boards - Reusable & Extra StrongThe continuing popularity of layer cakes and fanciful pastries ensures the ongoing demand for cake boards among caterers, bakeries, and individuals who like to make their own culinary creations. At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we manufacture plastic cake boards and sell these items at wholesale prices to bakery supply shops, art supply centers, grocery stores, and retail craft supply outlets. Our cake plates are moisture proof, grease proof, and reusable to provide added value for the initial consumer investment. Curtis Wagner Plastics’ cake boards are extra strong for stability when building multi-tiered engagement or wedding cakes or other edible works of art.

What Are Cake Boards?

Cake boards are designed to add structural support for larger pastry concoctions. For example, the tiers of a wedding cake often require solid support to prevent the entire delicate structure from collapsing. Plastic cake boards from Curtis Wagner Plastics offer solid support with the convenience and ease of use of hygienic and washable plastic. No liners or wrapping is required; instead, each layer of pastry can rest directly on a cake board to prevent the weight of upper levels from crushing or collapsing the bottom layers of the cake. Cake boards can also be used to display single layer cakes and provide a simple and attractive way to move, display, serve, and transport these items to customer locations or the dinner table.

Curtis Wagner Plastic Cake Boards

Plastic cake boards have a number of significant advantages over cardboard and wood alternatives. Because plastic is non-permeable, it requires no wrapping with foil, waxed paper, or other materials to prevent grease and moisture from weakening the integrity of the plastic cake board. Additionally, plastic cake boards can be reused and recycled, making them a green-friendly choice for caterers, bakeries, and in the home. Our plastic cake boards must be hand-washed to ensure that they stand up to repeated use; additionally, these plastic cake boards are not microwave-safe. A little care in use and clean-up, however, can ensure years of useful function from these sturdy pastry accessories.

An Impressive Array of Products

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