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Wholesale Plastic & Cork Products

Wholesale Plastic Product

Curtis Wagner’s Full Line of Wholesale Plastic Products

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we take pride in offering the widest range of top-quality wholesale plastic products for our customers. We manufacture a comprehensive selection of plastic items and sell them to wholesale distributors who service the following industries:

  • Lawn and garden centers
  • Nursery facilities
  • Home décor and design firms
  • Craft supply stores
  • Bakery and food service companies
  • Florist shops
  • Art supply centers
  • Grocery stores

Our unique approach to the manufacturing process allows us to serve our customers much more effectively. Because we concentrate our sales efforts on retail chains and wholesale distributors, the Curtis Wagner Plastics team can devote their efforts to improving the workflows of our ongoing operations and increasing the range of products available from our company. All of our products are made in the USA and are manufactured to exacting standards to ensure that we deliver the most durable and functional products in the marketplace.

Protection for Plants

Curtis Wagner Plastics manufactures clear floral boxes designed to allow the most attractive, appealing and protected display of roses, corsages, and other arrangements. Cork mats are available in sizes from 4 – 16 inches and can serve as protective coasters for house plants and shield flooring from unwanted drips and spills. Plant saucers in terracotta, clear, and black hues can complement existing décor while providing added protection against damage to surfaces near or under the plant. These items can be ordered in shallow, medium, or deep varieties and are ideal for home or commercial use.

The Curtis Wagner Wholesale Plastic Products Difference

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, our team not only creates durable and useful plastic products; we also innovate by developing new and superior items for consumer and commercial use. Our hanging basket drip pans use four prongs rather than more common three-prong models; this allows greater stability and ensures the longevity of these protective items. Clear plant saucers from Curtis Wagner Plastics incorporate numerous small bubble shaped feet on their underside to provide greater stability and to allow air to pass more freely under these protective devices. This reduces the risk of damage or discoloration to delicate finishes on floors, countertops, or furniture. One and two-well plastic paint trays make it easy to create a fresh new look for any room. Curtis Wagner Plastics takes pride in manufacturing the thickest and most dependable plastic goods in the industry.

Food, Carpet Saver and Pet Products

We also manufacture and sell a range of other products. Our cake boards can be purchased in packs of three and are sturdy enough to be reused several times. Carpet saver saucers are available for areas where water or dirt could potentially damage valuable flooring inside the home. Pet food place mats and pet food can covers can be customized to suit customer needs. Our full range of plastic products is ideally suited to provide a full array of choices for the retail reseller industry.

Curtis Wagner Plastics is a one-stop solution for wholesale distributors and chain stores and provides the best selection of plastic products for their customers. Contact us today to discover how our commitment to excellence can make a positive difference for your bottom line.