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At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we take pride in offering the widest range of top-quality wholesale plastic products for the wholesale and chain store marketplaces. We manufacture a comprehensive selection of plastic products for the following industries:

  • Lawn and Garden
  • Wholesale Floral Supply
  • Nursery and Grower Facilities
  • Agriculture
  • Home Improvement
  • Pet Supply
  • Craft Supply Stores
  • Grocery Stores

Our unique approach to the manufacturing process allows us to serve our customers much more effectively. Among our customers are wholesale distributors and major chain store operations, who then service the retail and consumer demand. All of our products are made in the USA and are manufactured to rigorous standards to ensure that we deliver the most durable and functional products in the marketplace.

The Curtis Wagner Plastics Difference

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we use sturdier gauge plastic to manufacture our products, ensuring that they last longer and perform up to our customers’ expectations. Our team not only produces durable and functional plastic products, but we go the extra mile by concentrating our efforts on creating the most innovative product design. We design and manufacture all of our products in our manufacturing facility located in Houston, TX, which allows us to ensure quality and functionality of each product produced.

Our top-quality, made-in-the-USA products will make a positive impression on your customers and provide added value to any wholesale supply store or retail outlet. Contact us today to discover how our commitment to excellence can make a positive difference in the lives of your customers.

Plant & Surface Protection

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we offer a full line of clear vinyl plant saucers, including heavy gauge footed saucers for added stability and increased floor protection. What’s more, we offer a diverse line of additional lawn and garden products, designed to promote healthy plant growth while keeping your customer’s interior and exterior spaces in pristine condition.

Our Hanging Basket Drip Pans feature four hooks rather than the more-commonly-found three-hook versions. This design of ours allows for greater stability and a reduced chance of drips, spills, and mishaps. Our clear vinyl Plant Stands and Centerpiece Plant Trays are both elegant and functional. These products allow your customers to enhance the look of their botanical and floral masterpieces without the distraction of unwanted color.

If your customers are interested in colored saucers, we offer an array of sizes of Plant Saucers in both black and terracotta finishes. Additionally, our exclusive Square Designer Series Plant Saucer fits perfectly under square-shaped pots. Our Fabric and Natural Cork Surface Protectors are designed to act as barriers between surfaces and the planters, vases and ornamental items placed atop them. They protect furnishings and floors from scratches with a decorative flare. Find the complete list of our Lawn and Garden products by viewing our everspring® Lawn + Garden Catalog.

Floral Excellence

We manufacture an array of Clear Floral Boxes designed to allow the most attractive, appealing and protected display of roses, corsages, and additional floral arrangements. We are the sole source for clear floral boxes that are made in the USA, and we produce top-quality containers that possess unique and innovative qualities.

Our Clear Floral Boxes allow consumers to view flowers from all angles before selecting for purchase, ensuring greater customer satisfaction after the sale. Elegant and attractive, clear floral boxes provide a real showcase for artistic arrangements. Additionally, our in-house design includes improved snap locks and strong hinges, making them easy to close, durable and the ideal choice for floral protection.

Additionally, we produce a full line of Clear Basket Liners that enhance the beauty and practicality of gift baskets, cut flower arrangements and potted plants. We offer an array of sizes in shallow, medium and deep configurations. Our products are thicker and more durable than those sold by competitors, making them the supreme choice for florist shops interested in creating a favorable impression on customers. Find our full line of floral products in our everspring® Floral Catalog.

Superior Pet Products

We understand that while pet owners are in love with their pets, they do not like the messes they often make. With that in mind, we have developed products that help eliminate messes altogether. Our extensive Pet Place Mat line allows pet owners to keep pet food off of the floor while allowing for easy cleanup. Our Fabric Pet Place Mats offer added comfort for your customer’s furry friends, especially during the harsh, cold winter months. These floor protectors are available in an array of different shapes, sizes and materials, sure to complement almost any home décor.

Our Litter Trap Mats help keep your home exceptionally tidy as these mats give your feline exactly what they need: a place to remove excess litter from their paws. Finally, we know that keeping open cans of pet food fresh can often be a real challenge. We’ve created the perfect solution – Pet Food Can Covers. These plastic pet food lids not only help keep pet food fresh, but they also eliminate any odors that would potentially take over your fridge. Head over to our Pawzee Pet Catalog to find more details on our full line of pet supply products.

Home Improvement Solutions

Realizing the need for innovation in the home improvement industry, we created a full line of plastic paint trays that help make any painting project, whether interior or exterior, an absolute breeze. Our Trim Paint Trays are designed with two wells: one allowing easy access to grabbing just the right amount of paint and the other for conveniently resting the brush when not in use. These products are perfect when painting borders, trim or any other areas that require fine brushwork with a steady hand. Our Paint Roller Trays are ideal for managing larger projects, such as painting a room or the exterior of your home.

In addition, our 6” Edger Paint Tray is ideal for edging projects that require minimal paint. The center raised part of the tray allows you to remove excess paint, giving you the perfect amount for any edge work that you’re completing. Last but not least, our Paint Can Drip Trays are an essential product to have on-hand when beginning a do-it-yourself painting project. These convenient trays sit under a gallon or quart sized paint can, keeping excess paint from dripping onto your floors. Be sure to check out our CWP Paint Catalog to learn more about each individual product.

All of our Paint Tray products are reusable and inexpensive for the consumer to purchase, making them an ideal solution for anyone beginning renovation projects. Sturdy and reliable, these disposable plastic paint trays make painting projects simple, easy and incredibly efficient. Additionally, each of these products are made from recycled plastic, making them environmentally friendly.

Diverse Products, One Goal

At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive range of high quality, made-in-the-USA plastic products for the commercial marketplace. Our track record for on-time, consistent delivery and impeccable customer service is second to none in the industry. We have consistently achieved an impressive 100 percent fulfillment rate on our purchase orders. Ultimately, our excellent reputation for responsive and reliable service will allow you to feel confident and at ease when choosing to partner with us. Contact us today if you’re interested in becoming a distributor of Curtis Wagner Plastics products or if you’d like some more information. We look forward to working with you!

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