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Curtis Wagner Plastics | 2022 Trade Shows


Curtis Wagner Plastics will be attending the following trade shows throughout 2022.

Check out our booth, our products, and meet us in person at the events listed below:

Adams Wholesale Supply Trade Show: August 2nd – 3rd

Ace Hardware Fall 2022 Convention: August 16th – 18th

Central Garden & Pet Trade Show: August 30th – September 1st

Nitro-Phos, Inc. Trade Show: September 6th – 7th 

Fosters Spring Market 2022: September 8th – 9th

Prince Corp Trade Show: September 10th – 12th 

Arett Open House: September 11th – 13th 

Bradley Caldwell, Inc. Trade Show: September 13th – 15th 

BWI Expo 2022: September 12th – 14th 

BFG Expo: September 20th – 21st 

Griffin Greenhouse Trade Show: September 21st – 22nd 

GROSouth, Inc. Trade Show: September 25th – 27th 

P.L. Rohrer Trade Show: September 26th – 27th 

Wyatt-Quarles Seed Co. Trade Show: October 5th – 6th 

BFG Market Place 2022: October 5th – 6th 

Non-Foods Marketing 2022 Fall Expo: October 15th – 17th 

MJBizCon: November 15th – 18th